The MEV Letter #23

The MEV Letter is a weekly collection of papers, articles and resources related to MEV. The intention of this letter is to provide a comprehensive summary of the latest research, discussions, and developments in the space, with links for further reading.

Papers & Articles

Posts & Threads

  • Danning Sui published a thread that categorizes different eras in the block building market and highlights a new trend with actors that are aggressively subsidizing their bids.
  • SMG published a thread that details the loss of $500k from a searcher due to CEX-DEX arbitrage going wrong.
  • Chris Hager published a post to highlight the upcoming MEV-Boost v1.7 release for Goerli proposers ahead of the Dencun upgrade.
  • Cryptic Woods published a thread that details how a searcher extracted 155 ETH from backrunning an out-of-range liquidity provision on Uniswap v3.

Talks & Discussions


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