Flashbots at ETHDenver

Flashbots will be in Denver this week giving talks and joining panels at ETHDenver, and hosting a series of MEV and research events. If you’re in town and would like to chat – reach out! :zap:

We’re hiring across several key areas – see this post for more details if you’re interested in onboarding the Flashbots ship.

Thursday, March 2

Friday, March 3

Saturday, March 4

:date: As always, you can find upcoming talks and events in the Flashbots Collective calendar!


Any chance there are live streams on some of these? Thanks!

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@Bert talk is livestreamed at: https://m.twitch.tv/ethereumdenver3

The other talks will unfortunately not be livestreamed, recordings and slides will however be added to the post once they are available!

Recordings and slides from the two events organized by Flashbots at the The Pirateship Hackerhouse have now been uploaded and added to the post above!

A Youtube playlist with videos from both events have also been created here: ETHDenver 2023

The talk at the main venue by @bert has also been uploaded and added to the post above:
ETHDenver talk: Commitments and privacy in the MEV supply chain

As well as the panel during Shared Security Summit: Panel on MEV and Shared Security with @bert, Zak Cole (Canto), Barry Plunkett (Skip Protocol), Neel Somani (Eclipse.builders) and G uillermo Angeris (Bain Capital Crypto).

Enjoy! :zap:

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