The MEV Letter #0

Welcome to the first edition of The MEV Letter - a collection of papers, articles, events, and resources related to MEV. This list has previously been included at the end of the bi/monthly Transparency Reports, but will from now on be published separately in this letter. The Transparency Reports will continue to be published with updates related to Flashbots data, products, and research. Enjoy!

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Upcoming events

EthCC[6] is just around the corner, and with the many side events taking place the schedule is packed with MEV-related content. Flashbots will participate in discussions, panels, and events throughout the week. We will also host a series of salons at our Pi-rate ship, more information on these events can be found in our forum post:
[WIP] MEV-Week Paris: From Zero Sum To Positive Sum

To get a comprehensive overview of all the events taking place during the week, make sure to check out our guide:
MEV Week Paris

Other events:

That’s it for this week! Feel free to share additional resources in the replies below or in the bookmark-topics

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