Are you the one we're searching for? Flashbots is hiring

Are you the one we’re searching for? Flashbots is hiring


Flashbots is hiring, but first a poem

Through the dark forest, they trek with might,
Guided by a matchmaker, leading the light,
Searchers on a quest, their hearts alight,
On a path to Suave, a love that’s right

With the announcement of MEV-Share and more details on our path to Suave coming soon, we’re growing the Flashbots team and looking for new additions to solve hard problems that have asymmetric impact and strike at the core of crypto.

We’re hiring for:

:gift_heart: Protocol Architecture

:purple_heart: Backend engineering

:sparkling_heart: DevSecOps

:yellow_heart: Developer relations and technical documentation

:heart: Mechanism Design

:orange_heart: Market Design

:two_hearts: Our matchmaker Mike, will be happy to match you to the right roles at Flashbots or link you to the right people for research/product grants.

Apply via

If you’re at Eth Denver, come meet us at our events or contact Mike over Telegram to discuss the above.