Development next steps for PBS, roundtable at DevCon


@chayoterabit, @kailin, @jtraglia and @ralexstokes


October 14th, 2 pm to 5 pm, Bogotá Time.


Hilton Corferias, Rocío Room
A small working space with limited seating.


Invitation only. If you want to participate, contact @kailin.

  • 1 or 2 developers from every consensus and execution client team.
  • 10 seats for developers, testers and security researchers from Ethereum Foundation.
  • 5 seats for people from other organizations who have collaborated with mev-boost and PBS.

Proposed agenda

  • Present the current status of the MEV-Boost architecture and the adoption numbers. 15 minutes.
  • Summary of the open research questions for PBS. 15 minutes.
  • Development next steps for decentralization and censorship resistance. 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Security risks and mitigations. 1 hour.

2 invitees to add interested in contributing from Blocknative:

Murat Akdeniz (@muralight - product manager) and Taylor Dawson (@drapier - engineer)

Flashbots met with Ethereum ecosystem partners and contributors of MEV-Boost during DevCon Bogotá to align on decentralizing proposer/builder separation as a community. Below is a summary of discussed priorities, updates since Devcon, and next steps we’ll continue to collaborate toward. Please comment with any additional updates or information!

Summary of Priorities

Updates Since Devcon

Community Updates

Requested Next Steps