Announcing mev-boost-relay v0.11.0 - notable feature: block submission cancellations

Happy to announce version v0.11.0 of the mev-boost-relay :tada:

v0.11.0 is live on all Flashbots relays - Mainnet, Sepolia and Goerli.

Major updates:

  • block submission cancellation in #206
  • Reject block submissions after getpayload in #188
  • logging improvements on errors: #208 + #197
  • tool command for archiving execution-payloads and bulk-exporting data in #192

Minor changes:

  • Add Postgres and database tests to CI by @franciscodiazydiaz in #199
  • db sort by slot, db-test dsn env var in #200
  • added and S3 index page in #196

New contributors:

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Block Submission Cancellations

Block builders can now overwrite previous submissions by sending a new payload (even with lower value).
Cancellations enable a wider range of strategies and experiments for block builders.

  • Before this change, only a higher value payload could override a previous one.
  • Now always the latest payload by a builder is used.

This change is now live, so make sure that your latest payload is the one you have used.

Steps in replacing a payload:

  1. Block builder sends a payload with the submitBlock API call.
  2. Relay receives the request and puts the payload into a validation queue.
  3. The payload is simulated and validated, on average within about 150ms (but can also take longer).
  4. After a successful validation, the payload is saved and a new top bid is selected among the latest payloads from all builders.
  5. Once the submitBlock request is completed, the new payload is updated and used going forward.

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Happy building :hammer_and_wrench: