CHANGELOG #5 - SUAVE Development Updates (May 16, 2024)


a.k.a Simple Updates About Virtually Everything

We’re regularly posting SUAVE updates to the community. The format is open to experiments.

Past editions:

The focus of the team has largely been on internal experiments after the 0.1.5 suave-geth release. We had a team offsite and are working towards the goals agreed upon there. This means there are minimal changes to detail from the last month, with the focus of the few links below being those elements directly related to easier block building, especially for different domains.



SUAVE-STD continues to implement the essential patterns which illustrate what is possible to build on SUAVE.


Brock has done stellar work on an application which illustrates how you can mint NFTs on Ethereum L1 from SUAVE, using input from ChatGPT. This demo illustrates the breadth of what is possible using some of the tools we have built:

He has also successfully built a mainnet block from suave using suavex-anvil as the suavex-eth provider. This block in particular was skipped because it was just a couple test transactions, but the block was valid, meaning the suapp, and the anvil fork, are working.