CHANGELOG #4 - SUAVE Development Updates (April 10, 2024)


a.k.a Simple Updates About Virtually Everything

We’re regularly posting SUAVE updates to the community. The format is open to experiments.

Past editions:

Progress on SUAVE has been swift and inspiring. There are a tonne of new features based on all the feedback we got from a team gathering in Vienna and the EthGlobal London hackathon.


New version released: 0.1.5 :tada:

The focus of this release is primarily Developer Experience. It includes much better support for the spell command, which will help you deploy contracts and send CCRs, as well as better error messages, and various lower-level fixes to make creating cool SUAPPs much smoother.


We’ve formalised what SUAVE-STD is: a library of essential patterns for building SUAPPs. As such, we removed many of the e2e examples, which now live in their own repos.

These examples include Unisuapp, a Next starter template, and a Vite starter template.

We’ve added a few important patterns to our essentials: especially the Gateway.sol contract:


We continue to extend these to illustrate the various different ways you can leverage the essential patterns illustrated in SUAVE-STD to build novel and powerful Suapps.


A quick refresher: this is a minimal fork of Geth which gives you access to the SUAVE Execution Namespace. It’s useful for running e2e multi-chain examples, for instance: trying to build blocks on other chains.


  • Full overhaul of all tutorials :tada:
    • Local first
    • Using spell
    • Begin with basic programming model and the thing most builders have struggled with so far: the onchain-offchain dynamic. Extend this step by logical step through all the different primitives required for building Suapps.
    • 3-layered approach. suave-std is abstracted, essential patterns. The docs illustrate core patterns there in fleshed out examples with narrative to explain “why” and make them stick. We introduce a “Community Directory” to illustrate the many divergent ways in which the bottom two layers can be applied.
  • New Community Directory, showcasing the work of everyone who has contributed to SUAVE so far.


  • Wee also maintain a fork of Foundry called suavex-foundry.
  • Brock demos this in both the build-eth-block example in Suapp Examples, and in Unisuapp. You can read more about it in this post.

Twitter :bird:

  • We finally have a twitter presence :tada:! Appropriately, it is a bot.
    • It’s purpose is to repost new forum threads, so post on our forum to get CT excited about your work. The bot may also pass you butter.