CHANGELOG #3 - SUAVE Development Updates (March 25, 2024)

ETHGlobal London Hackathon Submissions

  • [:trophy: winner] :old_key: Suave MPC - Source code - Threshold secret sharing in SUAVE chain for signing key management
  • :robot: AutoVote - Source code - Autovote is an automated governance solution built on SUAVE’s decentralized TEE coprocessor network where personalized AI agents act as on-demand proxies/coordinators for DAOs, solving persistent issues of inherit voter centralization, low voter turnout, and misinformed voting.
  • [:trophy: winner] :robot: Suathby’s - Source code - Cross-chain Auction house Build with SUAVE :zap::robot: Secret sharing through a Trusted execution environment (TEE)
  • [:trophy: winner] :goggles: Athoos - Source code - Athoos introduces a trustless, permissionless trust-scoring system for crypto wallets without KYC, featuring wallet scoring, trust-based pool creation, and score-conditional swapping.
  • :dragon_face: RPC provider AVS - Source code - Eigenlayer Actively validated service for RPC providers. Incentivize RPC providers. Increase geographic decentralization. Reduce censorship and MEV capture away from users
  • [:trophy: winner] :mechanical_arm: BlobPreconf Auction - Source code - Sealed bid Auction SUAPP for blob preconfirming relay leader selection
  • [:trophy: winner] :shrimp: FairArbooors - Source code - We fix LVR (loss versus rebalancing, esp. wrt CEX) in Uniswap v4 pools by distributing the arbitrage MEV back to LPs
  • :robot: AA x MEV (POC) - Source code - POC on Account Abstraction x SUAVE project by Flashbots (MEV)



suave-geth spell command

The new suave-geth spell command is used for testing, to deploy a Suave and send confidential requests to Kettles.

The spell command has two-subcommands:

$ suave-geth spell deploy <contract location>
$ suave-geth spell conf-request <addr> '<func name>'

Installing latest suave-geth

curl -L | bash




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