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  • Alex Stokes published a thread outlining open questions that needs to be resolved in order to enshrine PBS in the Ethereum protocol.
  • Potuz published a thread critiquing the current PBS architecture, the use of optimistic relaying, and advocates for a shift towards ePBS.
  • Terence Tsao published a post that highlights the benefits of ePBS, addresses common misunderstandings and remaining problems.
  • Anders Elowsson published a post detailing the rationale behind their candidate for a new reward curve designed to find an equilibrium between validator rewards and network security.
  • snoopy published a thread on why OFAs will become less profitable as markets mature.
  • Alex Nezlobin published a thread that highlights a JIT+sandwich attack in the USDC/USDT Uniswap v3 pool by jaredfromsubway.

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mevAuction: a Multiple-Winner Auction System by describes how mevAuction introduce separate auctions for Top-of-Block and Rest-of-Block, and enables proposers to sell future block space.

This is by Manifold Finance and 20squares. The MEV Call Auction is fully backwards compatible with MEV Boost.

20sq has posted a few blog posts detailing the mechanism design and details:

Additional post from Manifold Finance detailing some of the operational changes from a node operator perspective.

That capitalization, for mevAuction, deeply triggers me. Our fault.


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I used the same capitalization for “mevAuction” as in the article linked: mevAuction: a Multiple-Winner Auction System. The documentation use both “MEV Auction” and “mevAuction”.

  • Let me know what the correct name is and I will make sure to edit the post above and adjust in future editions.
  • Who should I credit as the author of the posts published on