The MEV Letter #26

The MEV Letter is a weekly collection of papers, articles and resources related to MEV. The intention of this letter is to provide a comprehensive summary of the latest research, discussions, and developments in the space, with links for further reading.

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  • rain&coffee published a thread with a technical overview of decentralized- and shared sequencers and their impact on finality, DA and MEV.
  • InfectedCrypto published a thread on how TWAP discourages price manipulation and how Uniswap V3’s use of the geometric mean further increases the cost of manipulation.
  • UMA published a thread with an overview of Oracle Extractable Value (OEV), and how Oval enables lending protocols to capture this value.

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So if I am understanding it correctly, the atlas paper seems to suggest that end state of MEV–> Intents is… Solana-style app-category specific OFAs…?