Set a Custom Status to associate your account with a team and/or role

Hey, here’s a quick tip on how to set up a snazzy custom status to signal which organization you associate with.

Click on your 1. Avatar2. Profile3. Set custom status4. Type in the organization/role you associate with → 5. Remove status: Never and hit 6. Save

Individuals in the Flashbots organization will have a mate-flair next to their name, but with custom statuses anyone is able to self-identify and signal the organization(s) they are part of.

If widely adopted, this will make it a lot easier to get an overview of the activity on the forum, especially in longer threads with multiple active participants. It might also allow for more seamless ways to connect and conversate.

If you’re reading this, then go set up a custom status and join the fun! :seedling: :sunny: :zap: :robot: