MEV-Boost Public Data - Relay Bids and Payloads

Historical bids and payloads data from MEV-Boost relays is available now.


At Eden Network, we are rolling out public datasets in order to help the community and broader ecosystem with research. The release of this dataset is to help illuminate this particular part of the dark forest.


If you are a builder or researcher looking for builder auction data, this dataset provides a solid starting point for your analysis. Using BigQuery, you can query the data directly or simply export it.

Technical Description

This data has been collected by the Eden team, using an ETL process which extracts self-reported data from relays, transforms that data by checking for reorgs and augmenting block timestamps, and loads it into BigQuery.


  • Relays
    • Flashbots
    • Ultrasound
    • Agnostic
    • Bloxroute Regulated
    • Bloxroute Max Profit
    • Eden Network
    • Aestus
    • Manifold
  • Liveness: data is updated every 60 minutes
  • Partitioning: Daily
  • Partition expiration: last 28 days


More information is available on our docs:



Love to see it. What’s the licensing on the data?

I put together a repository with examples to query the relay bid and payload data directly into a jupyter notebook

Update: We’ve removed the partition expiration on our bids and payloads datasets. This change allows access to more than six months of data. For more details, see:

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