Agate - A Relay Data Indexer

Hi everyone :wave:

Ever since mev-boost was released, I wanted to collect and index the relay data available via the Data Transparency API.
Recently, the team at Eden Network did something similar and provided this data via BigQuery.

The project we’re releasing - Agate - is an open-source indexer able to aggregate data from a set of relays you choose whenever there’s a new slot on Ethereum.
Once collected, it stores the data in a pg database that you can use to perform your own analysis.

You can run it locally and even customize some components used in the indexer:

  • The Event Listener
  • The Data Aggregator
  • The Storage Manager

We released two components:

  • Agate - the indexer itself.
  • redax-go - the SDK for the Data Transparency API in Go.

We hope it’ll help in any kind of project!