MEV-Boost Community Call #6 - 5 October 2023

Meeting Info


  • Deneb updates

    • spec updates
      • spec release on the way
    • implementation updates
      • latest on flashbots stack
    • testing efforts
      • devnet-9 testing (mev-flood supports blobs?)
  • Ecosystem updates

    • optimistic relay
    • relay funding
  • Open questions / proposals

Call notes:

00:19:46 stokes: MEV-Boost Community Call #6 - 5 October 2023
00:21:15 shana: boost: GitHub - flashbots/mev-boost at develop-deneb
Relay: GitHub - flashbots/mev-boost-relay at deneb
builder: GitHub - flashbots/builder at deneb
00:22:24 Chris Hager: Reacted to “boost: https://githu…” with :pray:
00:22:44 Chris Hager: GitHub - flashbots/mev-flood: simulates MEV activity from an array of unique searchers; used for testing infra
00:25:31 Chris Hager: thanks matt for specifically mentioning! :pray:
00:27:06 parithosh: We also have local testing tools to help dev more quickly, please have a look at kurtosis. We’ll also link the fork versions
00:27:07 Barnabas Busa:
00:27:12 Ben | bloXroute: Reacted to “dencun-devnet-9.ethp…” with :heart:
00:27:29 Barnabas Busa:
00:27:32 parithosh: GitHub - kurtosis-tech/ethereum-package: A Kurtosis package that deploys a private, portable, and modular Ethereum devnet
00:27:40 Roman Krasiuk: Reacted to “k (k) · GitHub…” with :heart:
00:28:06 Ben | bloXroute: Reacted to “k (k) · GitHub…” with :heart:
00:34:39 Toni Wahrstaetter: A bids 100 ETH, B bids 80 ETH, Relay relays 81 ETH, 19 ETH to distribute between relay and builder
00:35:27 mikeneuder: Reacted to “A bids 100 ETH, B bi…” with :+1:
00:35:29 Max: Reacted to “A bids 100 ETH, B bi…” with :+1:
00:36:10 Lukasz: And how relays would sync clocks between each other? As it looks like it’s being possible to just supply both bids close
00:36:36 dmarz: Reacted to “A bids 100 ETH, B bi…” with :+1:
00:38:26 Eric Siu: Reacted to “A bids 100 ETH, B bi…” with :+1:
00:38:27 Eric Siu: Removed a :+1: reaction from “A bids 100 ETH, B bi…”
00:38:29 Eric Siu: Reacted to “A bids 100 ETH, B bi…” with :+1:
00:39:04 Lukasz: It would not be the same block anymore
00:39:09 Lukasz: Different hash
00:39:19 Ben | bloXroute: Reacted to “Different hash” with :+1:
00:41:33 mikeneuder: but if the other relays don’t propagate it, who cares? it is published on the p2p and people will attest to it
00:42:31 mikeneuder: but proposer cant equivocate
00:43:26 Lukasz: Every block in that becomes unique, and incomparable to each other, +1 to what Uri says
00:46:46 Toni Wahrstaetter: As a builder, I bid 100 ETH to relay X. The 2nd best bid at relay X is 80 ETH. Relay X offers 81 ETH to proposer. Relay Y gets a block with 82 ETH. I lose although I was fine paying 100 ETH. Is that risk worth the kick-back? I guess this very much depends on the reliability (and safety buffers) of the heuristics used?
00:47:11 mikeneuder: Reacted to “As a builder, I bid …” with :+1:
00:47:13 Roman Krasiuk: Reacted to “As a builder, I bid …” with :+1:
00:47:50 Sogol Malek: Reacted to “As a builder, I bid …” with :+1:
00:48:34 Uri | bloXroute: Reacted to “As a builder, I bid …” with :+1:
00:51:11 Uri | bloXroute: I am very much in favor of this experiment :+1:
Will think more about it
00:51:40 Yuki | Fenbushi: Reacted to I am very much in fa… with “:+1:
00:51:59 Yuki | Fenbushi: Reacted to As a builder, I bid … with “:+1:
00:52:44 mikeneuder: “builder api” is proposer to relay interaction fyi
00:55:57 chirag-bgh: Reacted to ““builder api” is…” with :+1:
00:56:10 Sogol Malek: Reacted to ““builder api” is pro…” with :+1:
00:56:16 Toni Wahrstaetter: Having two block hashes, the original and the altered in the payload delivered endpoint would be nice
00:56:39 Justin Drake: Reacted to “Having two block has…” with :+1:
01:02:21 Matt shams(Anis): is this funding is open for all to contribute to pbs guild?
01:02:34 tina2: yes!
01:02:38 Matt shams(Anis): Reacted to “yes!” with :+1:
01:03:35 Yuki | Fenbushi: Reacted to yes! with “:+1:
01:03:53 Uri | bloXroute: :saluting_face: Matt
01:04:01 Yuki | Fenbushi: :saluting_face:
01:06:55 dmarz: blob registrations ever?
01:07:41 Max: Reacted to “blob registrations e…” with :+1:
01:07:43 Yuki | Fenbushi: Reacted to blob registrations e… with “:+1:
01:07:45 Yash Atreya: Reacted to “blob registrations e…” with :+1:
01:08:14 mikeneuder: Reacted to “blob registrations e…” with :+1:
01:08:28 Yuki | Fenbushi: Relay consensus
01:08:33 mikeneuder: Reacted to “Relay consensus” with :joy:
01:08:42 Yuki | Fenbushi: Reacted to Relay consensus with “:joy:
01:08:44 Yuki | Fenbushi: Removed a :joy: reaction from “Relay consensus”
01:10:32 Lukasz: Replying to “Relay consensus”

Realigning block building incentives and responsibilities - Block Negotiation Layer - Block proposer - Ethereum Research :slight_smile:
01:11:19 Yuki | Fenbushi: Reacted to… with “:heart:
01:11:30 Yuki | Fenbushi: Replying to “Relay consensus”

01:11:52 mikeneuder: Replying to “Relay consensus”

@Lukasz the number on this is wild
01:12:08 dmarz: Reacted to “@Lukasz the number o…” with :joy:
01:12:45 Lukasz: Replying to “Relay consensus”

It took a lot of posting and deleting to get this one ! (Joke :stuck_out_tongue:)
01:13:00 Yuki | Fenbushi: Replying to “Relay consensus”

Eye workout it is
01:13:36 Sajida Zouarhi: Reacted to “@Lukasz the number o…” with :joy:
01:13:46 Sajida Zouarhi: Reacted to “Having two block has…” with :+1:
01:14:03 stokes: +1 nanos
01:14:11 Ben | bloXroute: Daily timestamps
01:14:21 Justin Drake: Reacted to “Daily timestamps” with :laughing:
01:14:48 Lukasz: Replying to “Daily timestamps”

I think just a current fork :slightly_smiling_face:
01:16:20 austonst: mev-boost-relay may not update the registrations in its db even when it receives a registration with a newer timestamp, as long as nothing else has changed (gas limit, fee recipient)
01:17:08 Potuz: prysm had what issue?
01:17:13 terence: timestamp
01:17:23 terence: I think it’s fixed
01:17:29 Potuz: gas limit
01:17:33 austonst: Replying to “mev-boost-relay may …”

i.e. timestamps only update if the fee recipient or gas limit change.

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