Introductions 👋

Hi, I am Om. Not resisting to any new currents. Obsessed with Rust and performance.


Hi. I am Frank. I do blockchain research, help people with non-standard transactions, and am a python software developer.

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Hey I’m elijah. Very interested in how SUAVE will impact Ethereum and more generally MEV, Auctions and Distributed systems.


Hello everyone! I am David, a builder of ownable and decentralized off-chain systems using Autonolas .

I am particularly interested in the decentralization aspects of MEV and look forward to contribute!


I am Alex. I am working on a new DEX ( I am also doing research of blockchain activity (primarily DEXes, their efficiency, routing, etc.), and inevitably came to observe the extent, power and beauty of the MEV activity.
I published a couple of articles about MEV arbitrage (for example, here’s my JIT Liquidity article: In-depth analysis of JIT Liquidity (aka LP) attacks on Uniswap V3 - a fast-growing and threatening phenomenon. | VirtuSwap

I am here to follow the Flashbots movement, learn and participate.

My twitter is @azaidelson


Hey, I’m Joe. I majoring blockchain engineering, and i very interested in ethereum ecosystem including solidity and MEV, i want to studied it in depth.
My twitter is @Zeus_Zhou
My telegram is @zeusZhou1


Hi, I’m guzus.

I’m an old fan of the idea of a system that is decentralized and trustless. Implementation of ethereum and applications over it are the most intriguing.

Interest in money brought me to crypto, but over time I started to relish the remarkable ideas (e.g. Consensus Algorithms, Censorship Resistance, DeFi, AMM, Flashloan, Flashbots, L2, Zkp, MEV-Boost, MEV-resistance ) and the outcomes (e.g. on-chain statistics, price changes, MEV, smart contract exploits ) from them. Blockchain to me is like an enormous social experiment because the outcomes are clear and obvious.

I read many writings of yours for several years and am trying to contribute nowadays.

I find a fresh idea while reading a book, taking a shower, watching a great movie or reading brilliant twitter threads. Currently I’m learning to develop ideas from communicating with talented friends. Which is why I joined this community.

There is so much left to research in crypto, which thrills me, and I think you guys feel the same right?


Hi all,

I’m Brian. I am new to Flashbots and would love to work on something. I am a math person, but not really a coder. My background is in number theory, dynamical systems, and algebraic structures. I understand a lot of the math heavy stuff in cryptography and the crypto world.

I’m fascinated by incentives, auctions and Austrian economics. My work background is academics, and business operations. I originally came across the Flash Boys 2.0 paper and found it interesting because I think arbitrage, and variations like risk arbitrage in other financial markets is a natural evolution of that type of market. Seeing it organically emerge in crypto is really interesting, plus that a whole community organically emerged to try and manage it is equally interesting.

I’m not sure where my role is. I think I have a lot to learn. I listed in on the recent community call and it was very interesting, but technically above my head. I’m looking forward to learning and participating. I welcome people pointing me in different directions! I’d also love to connect if anyone is in New York.

My favorite robot is the little Ozobot, which is a STEM toy for kids. It follows lines drawn with markers and can follow simple programs given to it with patterns you draw the markets. Its really cool to see kids solve problems with it!



Hey, I’m liubenben.eth.

Around MEV & flashbot, I’m still a learner for now. But this field is attractive. Look forward to have a great trip on the way.


I’m a crypto veteran since 2013
Have worked in various roles and organizations in the space
I run an MEV searcher


Hi everyone - my name is Elena. I am interested in MEV, specifically explaining it in really simple terms to general audiences. I like how MEV forces me to better understand incentives, security, etc in network design and blockchains. I am not currently involved in any MEV initiatives. In the broader crypto ecosystem, I mostly focus on product marketing.

Favorite robot - r2d2


Hello, Jigu here, can’t remember how I find flashbots and I think its cool to learn it. I have zero experience in coding and hopefully I can start here and learn something about solidity MEV bots.



Hi guys,

My name is Martina and I am here because I was scammed. My bad, since I invested in a presale without any knowledge. Honestly speaking, I don’t know anything about MEV or the landscape yet, nor do I have experience with robots or flashbots and I apologize in advance for not being an asset to the group. I was told that some people here might be able to help since I was told that the tokens might still be retrieved. Im really hoping someone here will reach out.

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Hey everyone,

My name is LeoSu and I am excited to be a part of this Flashbots forum. I have been involved in the cryptocurrency space for some time now and am particularly fascinated by the impact that Flashbots is having on the ecosystem.

I am looking forward to learning from others on this forum and contributing my own knowledge and insight. My main areas of interest include decentralized finance, smart contracts, MEV,and blockchain governance.

I believe that collaboration and open dialogue are essential to driving progress in this rapidly evolving space, and I’m confident that this forum will serve as a valuable platform for just that.

// My favorite robot is Bumblebee :racing_car:

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself, and I’m excited to engage with all of you.


Hi everyone!

I’m Alessandro and I’m very happy to join this forum with you all.

I really like the way Flashbots is trying to solve the big problem of centralisation that MEV can pose, sharing the same values of decentralisation and low-ego that the Ethereum project has. Specifically it’s very important to me that users are prioritized, so I support the MEV-Share (and the bigger SUAVE) project that’s trying to give kickbacks to users that create MEV opportunities.

I’m in the crypto space since January 2021, working on developing one of the biggest italian community focused on the technological side of this amazing world. I often speak about MEV problems and how Flashbots create workaround solutions to it, with MEV-boost and now MEV-share. Here you can see it yourself:

Have a good day,


Hi guys,

This is Jun building CASTY.
CASTY is an OFA on Account Abstraction.

We’re working on this to

  1. to share MEV profit with users
  2. to improve the censorship resistance
  3. to achieve the trustless PBS

I’m looking forward to discussing the implementation of SUAVE, getting feedback about CASTY, and learning from you guys.
This is my Twitter:

Thank you!


Hello Im Bags,

I am completly new to the MEV bot world and I am looking to write my own code, I feel that the flashbot community is a good start. Thanks for having me


Hi guys.

This is KiKi. I am happy to join this forum.

I am doing data analysis of transactions on Ethereum.
And MEV is one of my research topics.



Hey everyone,

My name is Can Kisagun. I co-founded Enigma / Secret Network and have been interested in MEV since the dark forest paper.

I use Flashbots Protect RPC and I am spending more time researching PBS and MEV-Share models these days.

my favorite robot is r2-d2


Hi, I am Cryptochica.
I’m from Argentina :argentina:

I’ve been in the crypto ecosystem since mid-2018. I define myself as an enthusiast. I currently have two jobs:

I am a governance coordinator at SEED Latam (we are active in Arbitrum, Maker, and Optimism forums). Before we were called SEED Latam we were called DeFi Latam. We have been working on education since 2020. There I met Flashbots with @fiiiu. Here is an audiovisual register of that moment. It’s been almost two years now. Incredible.

My other job: ETH Kipu. I’m one of the general coordinators of ETH Kipu. We co-founded this organization with members from 12 Latin American countries. We carry out multiple activities. Here is our website and our handbook. Personally, I am leading the Kipu Impact area, an observatory that has just been born after 6 months of diagnosis to study Public Goods initiatives in Latin America.

Which parts of the MEV landscape are you interested in?
I’m interested in [Re]distribution study circle

Are you involved in any initiatives or projects working on MEV?
No yet. I have only read about it.

What is your favorite robot?
Dors Venabili :girl:t4:

I’m happy to be here.
Thank you for your research and work.