Introductions 👋

Hey everyone! We’re SoftLink :slight_smile:

We’re building a platform that links together a network of Liquidity Providers and Searchers to benefit from successful MEV strategies executed on an EVM-compatible network via smart liquidity management of reserves!

Feel free to check out our documentation ( and/or reach out to us (


Hi I’m Nikete.

I mostly work on curiosity driven research, and have a background at the intersection of statistical learning and markets.

I have recently been thinking a bit about the welfare economics of MEV boost. What does a welfare maximizing builder look like, is something I am extremely curious about at the moment.

More broadly I think a lot about possible applications that aggregate knowledge (decision markets and related ideas for example).

I am very excited by the possibilities for relatively cheap, fast, permissionless institutional design experiments which cryptographic distributed consensus technologies are enabling.

I find Flashbots organizational structure quite a fascinating experiment, and very happy that it exists.

you can find a bit more about me About – Nikete – Machine Learning ∪ Social Sciences. Theory and methods for better collective cognition with a focus on medical and scientific knowledge production


Hi FB Collective, I’m Forrest.

I’m one of the founders of Rubicon, a fully on-chain order book DEX built on Optimism.

Crypto market structure changes fast, and DeFi market structure changes even faster. I think it’s vital for any protocol team to follow the latest developments in the value extraction space, they must if they care about their users.

Currently, I am most interested in how Ethereum L2s/rollups plan to decentralize their transaction sequencing/proving roles. These are Ethereum’s future execution layers, and so far all of the teams building them are pursuing different solutions. We will see a lot of experimentation with transaction ordering on rollups, watch this space :eyes:


Hey all, Fred here👋

I onboarded the Flashbots ship a bit over a month ago as our community manager! As a Ethereum rabbit hole enjoyer I’ve been intrigued by MEV since the Flash Boys 2.0 paper started making waves on CT and fascinated by the work Flashbots has been doing since.

I’m very excited to be part of this amazing collective and empower our community. Feel free to reach out if there’s anything regarding the community side you would like to talk about, I’m always happy to chat!

In terms of my favorite robot I have to give it up to the ‘toss blink stalkers - pew pew!


Hello Flashbots community! :wave: I’m Murat. @muratlite on twitter

I founded the first social wallet on Ethereum named Mirian in 2017. I lead and maintain the open source web3-onboard that many dapps use for their wallet connection and user onboarding.

These days I focus more on blockbuilding and transaction origination parts of the MEV ecosystem as a lead product manager at Blocknative. I’m deeply familiar with flashbots products & research, and many web3-shy tradfi searchers reach out to me to teach them how to apply their skills in the mev ecosystem using flashbots and mempool tools.

I plan to engage more on here around PBS & mevboost. Looking forward to interacting with you all!

Fav robot is my hands-free trash can :wastebasket:


Hi, I’m Liquan.

I’ve been working on smart contract developments for years, I used solidity, cpp, rust. I contribute to project powered by IC more than a year.

MEV is one of my personal hobbies. In the past year, I have often heard about flash loans, dark forest, sandwich attacks, and salmonella contracts. This is an interesting and broad topic. However, it was not until I took time out two weeks ago to read On the Just-In-Time Discovery of Profit-Generating Transactions in DeFi Protocols that I started to learn the relevant principles.

Reminds me of the earliest MEV case, probably Fomo-3D. It’s a fund game on Ethereum in 2018. The general mechanism is that there is a countdown. If no one bets, then the last bet at the end of the countdown will get the money: millions of dollars in the pool. Finally, a guy won the money by preventing others from beting by sending transactions that occupy the next few blocks’ gas limit.

Ethereum is amazing: open source, permissionless, the state world jumps strictly according to smart contracts and transactions, all the data on the chain is completely open, as if it were a perfect world. But here comes MEV, and it seems that this is the price of opening, and I’m curious to see how these smart brains in the Ethereum community will deal with this.

Well, I don’t remember my favorite robot, but I remember the Replicant from Blade Runner, especially his rather shocking Tears in rain monologue

Finally, I saw several posts about MEV in Week in Ethereum News, October 8, 2022, the field is growing fast. But I haven’t found Week in MEV, looking forward to someone sharing links


Hi, I am haaroon, I like researching blockchains. I have done alot of previous published works in deanonymisation, on-chain tracking and finding scammers.



I’m Patrick Collins, and I love web3, smart contracts, and blockchains. I make a lot of educational content, and MEV seems like something that is more and more important, especially in mitigating the negative effects of MEV.

In the traditional finance world, high-frequency trading and information asymmetry were among the most frustrating and upsetting aspects. The world was separated into the haves, and the have-nots (those close to the stock market servers, and those not), and blockchain seemed like the solution to the problem.

Then I learned about MEV.

The good is that the people stealing are 100% transparent. You can at least see the problem happening, whereas in web2, it’s much harder to see who is screwing you over. I’m very interested in what the Flashbots community is doing, and how I can help our community scale and stay protected.

I would be sad, or even devastated to the point that I think web3 “failed” if we build web3 on the same rails that screwed over the traditional financial market.

Originally, I was quite frustrated with those looking to be MEV bots, but in retrospect, that was dumb because to solve a problem, you need to understand at length how it works.

So excited to be here to learn and help as I can.


Good to see you here

Hey all, I’m Alex Mead (Twitter: @alexrmead ) from Coin Metrics. I’m very new to the MEV space, but fresh off my time at DevCon in Bogota I’m very interested in MEV and how it will affect the future of Blockchains. I look forward to getting up to speed and contributing to this exciting field!


Hey everyone, I’m Jimmy Johnson (twitter: @jguitarbro) from Chainsafe Systems :wave:

I did MEV/consensus research at university and now I work as a protocol dev building out the golang impl of the Polkadot host. I still love and keep up with the Ethereum ecosystem and the MEV space as a whole, and am excited to participate here!

My favorite robot is Cozmo!


Hi I’m David

I’m working in a implementation of flashbots . I’m new on MEV so I’m trying to understand and learn to become an expert.


Hi I’m apriori,

I write about protocol design & MEV. Currently researching proposer agency; Inclusion Lists, PEPC, Mev-Boost + and how this fits with a distributed builder.

My favorite MEV quote, from @sxysun

Random half-baked thought: A relatively standard train of crypto is that MEV exist because the ordering protocol allows MEV to be extracted. But one could flip this argument on its head: perhaps one could argue that protocol emerge due to the existence of MEV to redistribute

favorite robot: Brainiac


Hi all, I’m 0xShitTrader (twitter: @0xShitTrader). I’m a cofounder of Ellipsis Labs, building DeFi primitives intended to outcompete the traditional finance system.

Previously I was an independent crypto researcher, mostly researching MEV, DeFi protocol design, and crypto markets. Before that I worked in crypto HFT and Silicon Valley tech.

I am actively thinking about scaling decentralized infrastructure, mechanisms for returning MEV back to users and protocols that originate it, and the long term incentives + MEV-driven centralizing forces on Solana.


Hey! This is onjas (twitter: @onjas_buidl) and I’m currently exploring opportunities in next-generation blockchain interfaces.

Just read about SUAVE and it 100% stunned me. My team and I are planning to build in the space and would love to discuss more!


Hi I’m 0xpanoramix :wave:

I hope you are all doing well.

I’d say I’m a community contributor to the mev-boost ecosystem with a strong interest in PBS, even though I’m still learning a lot :smile:
I try to keep an eye on mev-boost and provide my contributions whenever I have time to on the project, but I’m also excited about SUAVE and what’s coming next :eyes:

With the help of @Eru_Iluvatar, I’m now working on a research project on the topic of quantifying MEV on L2s.

Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss mev, pbs, cryptography (I definitively want to learn more about this) or any other eth related subject !

My favorite robot is the Roomba j7+. Just kidding its the T-800 :+1::fire:

Happy to be here :rocket:


Hi! I am adrienlacombe-ledger on GH, adrien_lacombe on Twitter and I work at Ledger. I am interested to explore if Ledger can help its users and the ecosystem thanks to its unique position. I am not a dev but I am doing my best to understand :slight_smile:
I personnally run a validator at home running mev boost using flashbots relay.


Hi, I am Yuki @ballsyalchemist on Twitter.
I do venture capital investment at a crypto native VC (previously invested in Flashbots) and build/brainstorm projects on the side with other builders.
Love to explore and learn about ways in which different infra are built or can be optimized.
Have been following the development of Flashbots and the MEV space for a while and am very curious to see how this space is gonna decentralize with the upcoming SUAVE.
I am a bit of a decentralization-maxi, so I got extra excited when I heard about Flashbots planning to do decentralized block building, though not sure how it is designed and executed yet.

My favourite “robot” is chatGPT, assuming the robot is conceptually referring to an artificial being.

Looking forward to seeing interesting discussions unfold here.


Hi all, I’m Jonatan (@mountbranch on twitter) and have been following flashbots and related research for some time, but even more intensely since the Merge went through. Around that time I put together

In terms of research interests, I enjoy anything with optimization, cryptography and maybe some game theory thrown in. I explore and try to make myself helpful around the application of those areas, mostly in conjunction with blockchains, in my function as investor at

My favorite robot is, of course, Marvin of Hitchhiker’s Guide fame.

Send me a dm with anything related to making open systems more trustless <3


Hola mi nombre es Johny, justo hace 8 meses que me empecé a sumergir en esto de las Crypto… Me estoy familiarizando aún, pues aún no entiendo muchas cosas, veo que todo esta muy bien protegido, yo no soy programador ni nada por el estilo, un simple humano como lo veo.

Honestamente ingresé a esto x la falta de capital personal pues me agrada mucho manejar el capital a maneras de hacerlo crecer, estos ocho meses han sido difíciles debido a que pues tengo que aprender y trabajar al mismo tiempo, solo puedo decir que me gustaría contribuir y pues no ver esto como un trabajo si no como algo con lo que puedo ser libre y recibir lo que doy en este ecosistema tan grande, sin duda veo que es muy unido y la idea de no ser centralizado es justo lo que me agrada.???

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