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Some inspirational questions that may guide you your introduction in this thread:

  • Which parts of the MEV landscape are you interested in?
  • Are you involved in any initiatives or projects working on MEV?
  • What is your experience with the Flashbots products and research?
  • Are you part of any other communities in the broader ecosystem of MEV/Ethereum/crypto?
  • What is your favorite robot?

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Hello, I am Leonardo.

I am working on the Flashbots deliverables around the merge, to make sure that MEV is mitigated in Ethereum proof-of-stake. The merge is coming! :scream:

I found out about Flashbots from @fiiiu, who told me about this crazy collective of humans researching very complicated decentralization topics. On my first day at the job I heard @phil talking about externalities and everything was so clear, so quick. I decided to stay to illuminate the holes in the economies that makes us slaves to them :fire: :fire: :fire:

I care a lot about free technologies, forests, and kind humans.

This is my favorite robot:

Followed closely by my roomba. He’s brave.


Hi, I’m Quintus :v:

I’m in the research team and (for now) am focused on PBS and the dynamics that emerge in the markets that it creates.

MEV poses hard problems which are central to the success of blockchains. I like hard problems and I want blockchains to change the world for the better so here I am, livin the dream.

“Robot”: Useless Box with Surprises - YouTube


Hi, I’m Seongwan Park :grinning:
I am in the Ethereum grants program, researching for the safety of PBS economies.
Our team is using Flashbots data and program, especially mev-inspect-py (Thank you for Flashbots team’s great contribution and support). We are trying hard to make a model based on realistic assumptions, with Flashbots’ real MEV data!
My favorite robot is Astro Boy :joy:


Hi, I’m metachris :wave:

I’m working at Flashbots on Eth2 and the merge - in particular mev-boost, the boost relay and surrounding specs and collaborations. Happy to be part of this unique hacker and research collective, and delighted that we’re collaborating a lot in the open, and creating free software and knowledge.

I have two kids, they are 7 and 2 years old :baby: :baby:

My favorite robots are the spaceships from the Culture novels by Iain M. Banks.


Hello, I’m Woojin Jeong :v:
I’m studying MEV and want to be an MEV expert!! I’m doing Ethereum grants program with Seongwan, modeling PBS economies. :fire: :fire: :fire:
My favorite robot is Terminator! :blush:


Hey all, I’m Al :wave:t2:

I’m working as a dev for a cool DAO. I don’t have much practical experience with MEV but I’ve been a lurker for quite some time now. I really want to start to get more involved with Flashbots and try to code some bots and play around in the ecosystem.

I’m looking forward to learn more and interact with fellow Flashbots enthusiats.

My favorite robot is K.I.T.T


Hello humans and non-humans alike! :wave: My name is Yi, which sounds like the letter “E”. It’s the Chinese character 艺 or 藝, meaning art. :sparkles:

I’m helping the Flashbots team with special projects. One of the project is to help launch version 0.1 of the Flashbots website, which I’m super stoked to share with you all soon. :raised_hands:

I have three cuddly cats. I’m insanely curious about consciousness, the future of humanity including the roles of technology and robots, personal development, and the Fermi paradox.

:hugs: Looking forward to crossing paths with you on our journeys.

Oh, my favorite robot is the Butter Robot designed by Rick. :joy:


Hey everyone, I’m Daniel :wave:

I work for Flashbots in an Operations capacity and am a newly minted Flashbots Steward. My role is very cross-functional stretching across operations, finance, growth, and stakeholder relations. Nothing excites me more than working in the MEV space, and before my time at Flashbots I was working with teams building on and utilizing Flashbots products :zap::robot:

I look forward to crossing paths with others working on MEV research and related products!

My favorite robot is DALL-E 2


Hello everyone! :wave:
I’m Alireza, a master’s student at the University of Alberta. My primary research focus is on mitigating the harmful effects of MEV.
I am still new to this field and would love to talk and learn more from you all!

I have been following the Flashbots research and activities for a while and recently found this great forum to meet fellow MEV enthusiasts.

I am currently mostly researching, keeping up to date with the news, and keeping my eyes open to find a good project that can help the community somehow! But in the meantime, for the sake of getting my hands dirty, I have been working on mini-projects in mitigating MEV with commit-reveal schemes.

And my favourite robot is WALL-E.

Looking forward to chatting with you all :grin:


Hi! I am Ivan and I am a Blockchain Engineer and Data Analyst. My interest about the MEV started with the Encode x Wintermute with Flashbots hackathon. For this hackathon I submitted a dashboard analysing the MEV extracted, miner payments, MEV transactions, arbitrages, liquidations, sandwiches and some leaderboards. I did it using the Flashbots community data on Dune. Please feel free to check it at MEV Flashbots Unleashed and happy to hear your feedback. Thanks! Now, I am very curious about the relationship between the MEV and validators after the merge.


Hey all :wave: I’m Brock. I’m an engineer at Flashbots – I focus on the searcher experience. My mission here is to build powerful tools that give everyone the opportunity to participate in MEV extraction.

I discovered Flashbots when I was asked to extract compromised funds from a hacked Ethereum wallet. After my first rescue succeeded, I spent several months saving more compromised funds with the Flashbots whitehat crew and learning about MEV. As I fell deeper into the MEV rabbit hole I quickly realized that I should quit my job and focus on this instead. So here I am :slight_smile:

I’m ultimately here to contribute to the greater good of Ethereum. I’m passionate about decentralized computing and expanding access to technology and information.

Favorite robot:

Reach out:


Hey everyone,
I’m Mateusz, an engineer at Flashbots and Nethermind - I focus on bundles and block building infrastructure. I’m here to make sure web3 is able to support applications driving real change in 10 years time, mitigating MEV is getting us one step closer!
I second Marvin as my favorite robot, in particular the 1981 tv series version. He is right about us humans.

Find me in the searchers channel on our discord or dm me your favourite meme at Ruteri#8360


Hello, my name is 0xEvan. My background is in pure math (emphasis on symmetric polynomial functions and algebraic geometry) and applied math (emphasis on bayesian modeling and statistical learning techniques). Some of my pure math interests are around symplectic geometry, p-adic number theory, and floer homology, and topological data analysis.

I am an independent DeFi researcher with interests in geometric properties of liquidity, protocol mechanisms with an emphasis on MEV-aware protocol design.

I am currently researching statistical MEV, a long-tail form of MEV that leverages statistical distributions to make decision making non-atomically. Statistical MEV is analogous to statistical machine learning in Web 2.0, but due to computational restraints, this has not yet reached broad adoption in Web 3.0 yet, but it is only a matter of time.

I am up to date with Flashbots research interests, but try to take a more comprehensive view of the industry by keeping up to date with MEV protocols such as manifold finance, eden protocol, cowswap, and rook.

My hot take is that that convex optimization and monte carlo simulations are overused in DeFi and don’t have strong enough pure math properties.


Hi all,

I’m Burak, a PhD at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). I’ve been following the MEV research (and the community built around it) for almost a year now. I’m personally interested in quantification of MEV and analyzing the behaviour of the network participants (e.g., searchers, block proposers) from a game theoretical aspect. I am also interested at looking at the MEV scene on different chains.

I’m currently organizing the blockchain-based systems engineering course at TUM. The course has been running for 5 years and this year we had more than 950 students. One of the new subjects of this year was MEV where we tried to establish an understanding of what is MEV and how does it impact Ethereum. Our goal is to create an awareness about MEV in the student/researcher community at TUM.

My favorite robot is Eto Demerzel


Hello, My name is Waylon. I am a Ph.D. student studying distributed ledgers and a research engineer at Primitive. I love mathematics, rust, and philosophy and am interested in MEV smoothing. We have built some Swap right auctions for our next deployment and are excited to see how they impact LP UX. Prior to working with Primitive, I was working with a team that did sandwiches on the avalanche network (no flashbots endpoint). My work and academic interest align with supporting the longevity of the Ethereum ecosystem. I am always happy to talk about my interests with the community and contribute where I can. My GitHub can be found here.


Hello Everyone,
My name is Bhaki. I’m an Engineer @Flashbots. I’m foucused on protect & builder. Mostly building backend systems and infra. I’m a linux enthusiast and Gopher. One area I’m particularly excited about is blockchain data infrastructure, which can help build a new version of the internet, Web3, where people truly own their online identity and data.I’m super excited to be part of this community.


Hi, I’m Sarah :wave: I recently started at Flashbots doing research ops. I’ll also collaborate on research once I’m settled in.

I have been excited about MEV research since reading Flashboys 2.0 in my first couple weeks at IC3 when I first got into blockchain. I remember attending early MEV Roasts and realizing that there was something really special happening at Flashbots. I am so happy to be part of it now :smile:

My past research is on CBDCs, NFT fine art, and a smart contract pyramid scheme- there’s a range! But I am excited to dig into MEV. Before crypto, I was working on a biohacking clinical trial.

Brock and I share a favorite robot: Can’t Help Myself by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

Excited to meet all of you :smile:


Hello! I’m Alex :zap:

I’m a co-founding steward of Flashbots. Over the last 2 years, I’ve worn several hats in the project, usually until someone comes along who can wear it better :womans_hat: Most recently, I was researching MEV in proof of stake Ethereum, and MEV on rollups and across them – which led to this wip paper on cross-domain MEV. I am now focusing most of my time on strategy, working alongside @Hasu, and org-wide initiatives that are usually cross-functional.

I enjoy talking about all kinds of MEV research, enjoy connecting people and sharing links :link: Outside of MEV, the other topic I’m particularly interested in is applied cryptography. Outside of crypto, I like traveling to new places, surfing, eating japanese food and listening/dancing to/playing music.

Looking forward to interacting with you on this Discourse and in other parts of the Flashbots community :sun_with_face:

Fav robot: lately it’s been any kind of Stable Diffusion-like models that help create recursive art like this.
Feel free to reach out on twitter ( or telegram: @dearalexx.


Hey everyone, I’m Robert. :wave:
I’m with the Flashbots research org, currently working primarily on ordering protocols. My background is in network security and applied cryptography.

My favorite robot? Not a classical robot, but I’d say Project 2501 from Ghost in the Shell.