Content and structure of the Transparency Reports

With the first new Transparency report published and the October edition being drafted I would like to start a conversation regarding the content and structure of these reports going forward.

I personally see these reports serving 3 main purposes:

1. As a way to get up to speed on the latest research, developments and discussions regarding Flashbots and MEV.

By aggregating and summarizing information the reports aims to provide a general overview of the space and guide the reader with links for further reading. The ambition here is to help reduce information overload and map out relevant new information in a clear and concise way.

2. Bring awareness and encourage participation towards specific discussions and upcoming events (together with the public calendar).

3. By publishing the reports on a monthly cadence they may also serve as a snapshot in time of the Flashbots journey. Each report will link back to the previous ones making it easy to go back and explore how things have evolved over time.

The reports will reflect my understanding of the space, to make sure there’s no oddities or missing pieces a draft will be shared internally a couple of days before publishing.

I’m looking forward to hear what you all think these reports should be focused on and how they can be improved!


I liked your first report a lot. It’s so good to have you in the collective :sunny::heart:

As a bonus, I think the frequent report will highlight where we are falling short on transparency. If there is a topic that is very active internally at Flashbots, but it hasn’t been shared here in the forum, your work will push us to open that discussion.

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