About the Flashbots Research Proposals category

Flashbots Research Proposals (FRPs) are MEV research projects submitted by the community to Flashbots research for collaboration and support.

Anybody can submit a research proposal for consideration. Upon community review, proposals will be considered toward our research, and might become eligible for a grant.

Find out more about our research process, ongoing FRPs, and the grants we issue.

Please use this area of our forum to:

  • Share posts that result from FRP work

  • Open threads to comment on active or closed FRPs

  • Suggest areas of exploration for new FRPs

  • Seek FRP collaborators from the MEV research community

Please note that the formal submission process for FRPs is through Github. If you wish to submit an FRP for consideration, do so here.

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I suggest we completely let go of GitHub, unifying our communication platform and using it only for code.

We can move the process to the forum, with tags for the status: draft, proposed, accepted/rejected, active, completed.