A list of Order Flow Auction (OFA) Protocols

Order Flow Auction protocols (or OFAs) are protocols that auction the flow of a Flow Provider (also called Transaction Originator) to a set of permissioned/permissionless searchers, bidding to extract non-toxicv MEV from the transaction. This often translates in backrunning of a swap transaction.
OFAs allow Flow Providers to protect their users from toxic MEV while earning more revenues from their users (and whether they redistribute it or not is another question), this can be done in different ways (learn more about the two main models of transaction auction here).

This post aims at recensing the current OFA protocols.

OFA via a private RPC:

Intent-based OFA APIs:

DEX with integrated OFA:

I may have forgotten some protocols, please feel free to let me know.


Great initiative!
A couple that’s currently missing from the list above:

MEVBlocker: https://mevblocker.io/
DFlow: https://dflow.net/

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Thank you, I have updated the list.
I realize that rather than a list of categories it could be a matrix with one axis being the category (RPC/Intent/DEX) and the other one being the bidding model: individual tx bidding vs batch of txs bidding.

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