[2011] The dynamics of migrants’ transnational formations: between mobility and locality

author = {Dahinden, Janine},
year = {2011},
month = {01},
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title = {The dynamics of migrants’ transnational formations: between mobility and locality}


Shared by @CorujaTejedora in FRP-32: Socioeconomic effects of cryptocurrency redistribution in the Costa Rican rural town of Tinamastes.

Statement: Dahinden (2010) proposes the variables of “locality” and “mobility” as a new way to study and understand the social phenomenon of transnationalism.

Description: Through an analysis of different transnational formations in Switzerland, Dahinden identifies four different types of transnationalism: localized diasporic transnational formations, localized mobile transnational formations, transnational mobiles and transnational outsiders.

Comments: It is crucial to highlight that in her research transnationalism is seen from the North as the receiving country, while in Costa Rica, this transnational formation phenomenon is intersected by the transformation of social mobility experiences by the migrants from the North and the transformation of the social mobility scale in the receiving communities (see Hayes & Zaban, 2020).

Evaluations: Dahinden’s definition of localized mobile transnational formations can help us identify the type of transnational formations in Tinamaste, Costa Rica.

Key Words: Transnational formations, localized mobile transnational formations.

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