FRP-32: Socioeconomic effects of cryptocurrency redistribution in the Costa Rican rural town of Tinamastes

The redistribution of cryptocurrency funds to collectives working in close relation with the land in the global south intends to enable new economic circles that are glocal, transparent, abundant, and connected to the more-than-human world.

This research project is geared to bring forth the benefits and challenges experienced by collectives and their communities in the receiving and use of cryptocurrency funds through a series of a qualitative semi-structured in-depth interviews. Considering that not all recipients of cryptocurrency funds are crypto-natives, our purpose is to evaluate the ways in which accessing and investing the funds are taking place, the local understanding of crypto-use, and how the funds are converted to a currency received by the local community. This is our initial exploration on the redistribution of the extra economic value generated by cryptocurrencies and how it is being directed to local communities on the margins of the dominant economy.

Our main limitation is the existing gap between technological intelligence in crypto-use and local, historical understanding of economic functioning under current capitalist markets. This project hopes to bring forth awareness of current benefits and challenges of accessing cryptocurrency funds from a community-focused, social-justice approach.


Hello creative & curious commUNITY,

Do we wonder what types of research techniques we can use when understanding redistribution from a positioning of those who have been historically marginalized?

Our research is weaving together critical-thought theories from decolonial feminism and it’s intersectional tool together with centering marginalized voices using Latin American abysmal discourse analysis within contextual historic memory. Does any of these terms sound familiar or are known to us?

I am interested in expanding more on those ideas/terms that do not, if any.

Thank you for your interest!

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Please, share more about all of them :smile: