Zero knowledge protocols

Starting off the thread for ZK resources.

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  • Overview of RISC Zero zkVM
  • RISC Zero ZKP Sequence Diagram and Spec
  • ZK HACK III: Building On-chain Apps Off-chain Using RISC Zero
  • OlaVM: An Ethereum compatible ZKVM
  • =nil; zkLLVM Circuit Compiler. [Kaskov, Komarov, 2023 ]
  • Zero-knowledge Virtual Machines, the Polaris License, and Vendor Lock-in [Wei Jie, 2021]


  • Ethereum: A Secure Decentralized Generalized Transaction Ledger, Berlin Version [Wood, 2022]
  • Ethereum: A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform [Buterin, 2014]
  • You think the EVM is slow? [@gakonst, 2022]
  • Taiko: A Decentralized Ethereum-Equivalent ZK-Rollup
  • Taiko ZK-EVM Specs
  • Introducing Scroll – Technical principles
  • An overview of Scroll’s architecture
  • Starknet Docs: Simplified transaction flow
  • A Guide to AppliedZKP zkEVM Circuit Code [@sin7y, 2022]
  • The Go Fast Machine: Adding Recursion to Polygon zkEVM
  • ZK7: zkEVM circuit arithmetization [Ye Zhang, 2022]

Hardware Acceleration

  • Cryptography for Secure Computing: A New Hardware Acceleration Opportunity [Gao, 2021]
  • Hardware Acceleration for Zero Knowledge Proofs [ [Konstantopoulos, 2022]
  • Introducing Ingonyama - Lowering the Barrier of Entry to ZKP [Igonyama, 2022]
  • ZK8: Fantastic Beasts: unfolding ZK hardware [Shlomovits, 2022]
  • Sparkworks: Cloud-ZK FPGA acceleration by running Arkworks Groth16 over the BN254 curve [ignonyama, geometry, 2022]
  • Hardware acceleration for FHE [Verbauwhede, 2022]

This is a great compilation. Would also suggest adding this 2014 blog post from Matt Green :innocent:

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