UNISUAVE Researchathon and Hackathon @ Devconnect Istanbul

:telescope: UNISUAVE Researchathon - Explore the possibilities of SUAVE with Uniswap V4 hooks.

Flashbots is teaming up with Uniswap Foundation to host UNISUAVE Researchathon this Friday from 10:00 - 15:00 in beautiful Istanbul.

Join us as we dive deep into the realms of SUAVE and Uniswap V4 hooks to explore what’s possible via three tracks:

  1. Intent-Based Systems led by @Quintus
  2. MEV Applications with SUAVE led by @dmarz
  3. Novel Mechanisms through Uniswap V4 Hooks led by Ken Ng @Uniswap Foundation

​This will be an opportunity for you to:

  • Go wild with mechanisms: explore what SUAVE and Uniswap V4 hooks can uniquely enable.
  • From concept to spec: jam with mechanism designers and developers, and bounce off your design with peers.
  • Whiteboard with us: discuss and develop your ideas in whiteboarding sessions with the core developers of SUAVE. Whether you are warming up for ETHGlobal Istanbul this weekend, or interested in winning a future grant by Flashbots or Uniswap, this is the event for you.

Sign up now before the available slots are filled.

:hammer_and_wrench: ETHGlobal Hackathon - Hack on the Cutting-Edge

Immediately after the event, Flashbots and Uniswap Foundation will be co-sponsoring challenges at ETHGlobal Istanbul. Both teams will be ready to support IRL and online to help you push the boundaries of what’s possible.

  • ​For more information on how to build on SUAVE, see the guides. (pw: suavemente)
  • ​For more information on Uniswap V4 hooks, see the V4 dev docs.
  • ​For more information on how to contribute post hackathon, see Flashbots or Uniswap

See you in Istanbul! :sunny: