Transfer to Titan Builder

Hello guys. Sorry for the extremely noobish question. I’m new here.

I’ve seen this transaction: 0xaeda23d41e65e28827fa8ed949bfac9cbc8d43ccf8a3bada2b6e32cb689c9c29

And I can’t seem to grasp why base and priority gas are so low. Probably has to do with the transfer to Titan Builder.

My question is: when sending a bundle through Flashbots, does it automatically send the priority fees to the miner (hence explaining the transfer to Titan Builder)?

If not, how does the process works?

Thanks for the patience.

Yeah, the priority fees and coinbase transfer are sent to the fee recipient of the block - for which, the builder can choose to put their own address (in this case why you see Titan’s address) and then transfer the payout to validator later in the end of the block as a separate transaction; or they can decide to put validator’s address as the recipient directly otherwise.