The MEV Letter #6

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  • Aug 31: MEV-SBC workshop aims to highlight important MEV research done in the past year and talks that will illuminate a new round of research problems the community should prioritize.

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Love the First LOL game - easy to enter for someone new to MEV games yet, there is enough depth to go deep into the mechanisms of MEV extraction.

Sad that not enough players on the game. Alas, there’s still 55% time remaining!

If anyone is looking to play the game, I made a dashboard that is IMO, much more helpful than the official one - First LOL - Insightful Leaderboard

And another tool to check how claims you could make for a given gas threshold - First LOL - Gas claims Estimator

Let me know what you think. Enjoying the game so far :slight_smile:


This is great!

Very cool!

It is interesting to see that the current leader 0x7C0CD is also the one with the lowest average cost per claim.

By the way, we’re sponsoring a related challenge at the upcoming EthGlobal NY Hackathon this weekend. If we get some cool submissions, it would be interesting to see if these tools could be extended!

:game_die: MEV GAME
Develop a game which leaks MEV that searchers can compete on to stress test order flow solutions like mev-share or new chains testing their MEV-proofness (see Base leaky mempool). Ideal projects might feature a weakly random encrypted password that challenges searchers to brute force for MEV rewards. Ideally this could easily be deployed on any chain.

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Definitely! I will watch this space. Keen to expand these dashboards to other projects.

Originally built this as a local tool to help myself understand the game landscape better. But now my strategy is being front runned every time so, shared my tools widely hoping to see more players in the game

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