The MEV Letter #5

The MEV Letter is a weekly collection of papers, articles and resources related to MEV. The intention of this letter is to provide a comprehensive summary of the latest research, discussions, and developments in the space, with links for further reading.

See our Transparency Reports for deeper dives into updates related to Flashbots.

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  • Disclosure: Flashbots builder included reverting transactions in blocks by Shea Ketsdever details the timeline, root cause and mitigations of the incident on August 9 where one of the Flashbots builders included reverted transactions in blocks.
  • SMG published a thread highlighting the emerging trend of builders running their own searchers, outcompeting other builders by capturing top-of-block MEV through CEX-DEX arbitrage.
  • Grace Deng published a thread summarizing recent proposals for shared sequencing and cross-rollup interoperability.
  • 𝔏𝔲𝔨𝔢 published a thread on how the transaction supply chain of Ethereum has evolved from genesis to the complex landscape of today with PBS, OFAs, account abstraction and intents.
  • Max Resnick published a thread on the current state of onchain trading, highlighting the lack of overlap between takers and makers and the importance of correcting the problem of LVR.
  • Uniswap Labs published a thread on how MEV impacts users and how UniswapX is designed to help mitigate this by routing orders to fillers.
  • Joshrudolf.eth published a thread on the recent progress of Verkle Trees and statelessness, intended to alleviate the problem of Ethereum’s ever-growing state size.

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