The MEV Letter #22

The MEV Letter is a weekly collection of papers, articles and resources related to MEV. The intention of this letter is to provide a comprehensive summary of the latest research, discussions, and developments in the space, with links for further reading.

Papers & Articles

Posts & Threads

  • Vitalik Buterin published a thread that outlines an updated Ethereum roadmap, The Scourge has been redesigned since last year with an MEV track and a Staking economics/experience track.
  • Thomas Thiery published a thread that summarizes Strategic Bidding Wars in On-chain Auctions which analyzes how latency, orderflow, and auction design aspects affect bidding performance and strategy effectiveness in MEV-Boost.
  • Nitanshu published a thread that details an order matching algorithm that enables matching for encrypted orders through BFV homomorphic encryption.
  • Data Always published a post with an animated visual that highlights the trend toward winning bids being received later in the slot.
  • Toni Wahrstätter published a post on attestation inclusion for validators in December compared to data from July.
  • Max Resnick published a post that examines the proposed benefits of MEV Burn and argues that a more favorable tax situation for proposers is the only advantage.
  • Norswap published a thread that summarizes SUAVE as a privacy chain that enables MEV-time applications to be deployed onchain.

Talks & Discussions


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