The MEV Letter #1

This is the second edition of The MEV Letter - a collection of papers, articles and resources related to MEV. The intention of this letter is to provide a weekly summary of the latest research, discussions, and developments in the space with links for further reading.

See our Transparency Reports for deeper dives into updates related to Flashbots.

Papers & Articles

Posts & threads

  • Shea Ketsdever published an overview of an upgrade to Flashbots Protect that enables faster inclusion times by allowing users to selectively share their private transactions with additional builders.
  • Al N looks at existing formulas for calculating arbitrage profits (LVR) and presents a general model for how much value LPs should expect to lose to arbitrageurs in a given pool.
  • Harry Kalodner published a thread on how decentralizing the rollup sequencer will impact MEV, liveness, confirmation times, and more.

Talks & Discussions


Upcoming events

The week of EthCC[6] has begun! Talks, panels and other events related to MEV will take place all throughout the week. See our forum post for more information on the various salons hosted by Flashbots. For a broader overview of all MEV-related events, see our guide to MEV Week Paris.

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