The project: MEV research content aggregator and search engine

Hi everybody, we are introducing for MEV enjoyers to contribute and fetch content back on research papers, blog, articles, YouTube videos, podcasts, Twitter threads […]. I originally launched the project since I could not find a single location for everything MEV, which made onboarding to the ecosystem more challenging.

We already have contributors to whom I am deeply thankful for joining the journey (:wave: @Fred).

The vision and everything else relevant is detailed in the of the GitHub repository. We are seeking all research content on the topics listed by Flashbots.

Do not worry about adding content already referred to in the repo, filtering is taken care of. You can also add your handle to be noted as a referrer should you want to! First contributed first referred :slight_smile:

The project seeks contributors for both research and tooling development to optimize for referencing and fetching content back. For now, research is displayed as a Google Sheet. This is a work in progress.

The current end-goal is to fetch and display research content as an NFX Chat-like chatbot. We are actively seeking to decentralize that project further, and we are welcoming all suggestions aligned with this goal.

Please state any feedback you might have here, in particular around Contribution User Experience. You can also create pull requests or open issues in the repository.

Thank you and we are looking forward to your contributions! :saluting_face:


This is such a fantastic initiative @nftmev!

It’s incredible to see that the is almost at 100 papers already. There’s so much great research that’s currently hard for people to discover – this project improves that in a major way, and I look forward to this evolving further with a chatbot interface.

Amazing job, I will continue to add resources on a weekly basis :raised_hands:


Amazing work, Valentin!

This is my new go-to link to share with people falling down the rabbit hole. It’s excellent.

Can’t wait to contribute!


Amazing work. :+1:

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