Suave Template to Kick Off SUAPP Development Efforts

Hi everyone, my name is Mehran and I was exploring SUAVE this weekend. I think it’ll play an important role for cross-chain swaps so I started building a simple fork of Uniswap X as my first SUAPP.

Through this journey, there were a few “gotchas” and “aha moments” that I had to get through to really start working with the SUAVE + Foundry.

To help other devs jumpstart their development efforts on SUAVE, I created a suave template. It’s a simple Foundry repo that has the following:

  1. suave-geth installed
  2. a walk through of key concepts around deploying on SUAVE, testing with SUAVE, etc.
  3. an explainer of key terms that I wish I knew before getting started
  4. a handful of examples of SUAPPs (from the suave-geth repo)

Looking for advice on what else do you think this template should include for new developers who want to build with SUAVE.