SUAVE Centauri: Open-Sourcing suave-geth

In alignment with our commitment to transparency and community collaboration, we are happy to take a stride towards our SUAVE Centauri vision by open-sourcing suave-geth, an early version of the client that will power SUAVE and the MEVM ecosystem.

This early release is rooted in our goal to build in the open and foster a vibrant community around SUAVE. As we embark on this journey, we are keenly aware that this release does not yet meet every expectation. Nonetheless, it reflects our dedication to giving our community a transparent view of the current state and engaging them in addressing the open questions that remain. For a demonstration of capabilities and discussion check out the recording from our EthCC SUAVE Salon.

Your insights, feedback, and collaborative spirit are not only welcomed, but greatly appreciated. :heart::zap::robot:


@dmarz thank you for sharing this video. I co-founded secret network (SGX based privacy preserving smart contracts) and it’s super cool to see your progress here. I have a couple of clarifying questions;

  • How does the process of developers deploying smart contracts on the execution node take place?
  • Are SGX nodes signatures (attestation) stored on-chain (contract) and are those signatures are used to verify off-chainExecutedTX and add the result to the mempool?
  • Once the offchain_results are submitted to the mempool for block production, is the idea the builders create bundles that maximizes profits based on the offchain_results?
  • What do offchain APIs achieve? Is the idea to get oracle data etc.
  • Regarding confidential store layer, is AllowedPeekers a different stakeholder than the executors running SGX nodes or is the idea that an executor a user chooses is also an allowed note? I guess I am not fully following what read and write access is required besides the executor node
  • More generallyl, would love to hear more about challenges of compiling solidity to SGX. Back in 2020, we chose Rust as it was an easier to compile Rust in the SGX VM.

Would love the ability to read further or talk to a team member to better understand certain aspects of the mempool and confidential store


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