Should "Block Relays Self Support Group" be called "Boost Relays Self Support Group" or "MEV-Boost Relays ..."?

The name of the forum category is the first time i’ve seen “Block Relays” anywhere, and, i feel it’s a bit confusing. in other places they’re just called “Boost Relays” or “MEV-Boost Relays”.

I liked it :slight_smile: :person_shrugging: I thought that it would be unclear what a builder and a relay is when we opened this forum. Now I think the category names are too long.

For now I will remove the Block word from all the categories. Does that sound good to you @metachris?

Soon we will have a proposal for a more permanent structure that we can discuss.

cc. @Fred.

I would perhaps keep “Block” in “Block Builders” :thinking:

Ok… This makes my square brain hurt :slight_smile: Let’s add it for now, and revisit when the structure draft is ready.