RPC eth_callBundle to https://relay-goerli.flashbots.net return 500 Server internal error

I’m following this Authentication code to authenticate and launch the eth_callBundle function but I’m receiving 500 Internal server error without any other info.

This is the code:

def send_bundle(bundle):
    // bundle is an array of signed raw transacion like: ["0x1234...", "0x1234"]
    while True:
        block = web3.eth.block_number
        params = [{
            "txs": bundle,
            "blockNumber": str(web3.to_hex(block))
        body = '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_callBundle","params":' + json.dumps(params) + ',"id":1}'
        message = messages.encode_defunct(text=Web3.keccak(text=body).hex())
        signature = web3.eth.account.from_key(getenv("PRIV_KEY")).address + ':' +  web3.eth.account.sign_message(message, getenv("PRIV_KEY")).signature.hex()

        logging.debug("-> Simulating on block " + str(block))

            simulation_res = requests.post(getenv("FLASHBOTS_URL"), json=body, headers={'X-Flashbots-Signature': signature})

            logging.debug("-> Simulation successful.")
        except Exception as e:
            logging.error("Simulation error", e)

Why does I’m getting that error?

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I am getting the same error - It seems the error with ethers version, not sure how to fix it.

It’s been down for weeks