Request for SUAPP: Inscription DEX

Request for SUAPP
One thing that I’d love to see is a SUAPP which enables for trustless trading of inscriptions. Right now these have to go through trusted off-chain indexers and off-chain trusted marketplaces. In theory, you could replicate these in a trust minimized way with SUAVE by first creating an indexer that watches for inscription transactions by analyzing each block’s transaction’s call data. Then, with this, you should be able to build a basic DEX.

An alternative would be building a basic OTC market. You could provision a private key on SUAVE that corresponds to an EOA on another chain. Then, you can create txs with that EOA to move inscriptions or ETH. That should allow you to program a basic OTC market, where if the SUAVE EOA receives ETH or an inscription then it generates a tx to fill the user’s order. In other words, if you wanted to sell an inscription you would post an “order” for that via a smart contract on SUAVE, transfer your inscription to the SUAVE EOA, and then anyone could fill it by sending funds to the EOA.