Relayer Submission acknowledged but not recieved

I’m trying to send block submissions to the flashbots relay, and I’m getting a 202 response code with a body like {cs:0xc02d2ba000}.

My builder is configured to submit 4s into the block every 1s.

However, when calling /relay/v1/data/bidtraces/builder_blocks_received, I’m only able to find my pubkey in here very rarely. (not able to find my pubkey most of the time)

Are there any restrictions on the submissions?

202 means that the submission was received and processed, but was of low value (below the bid floor) and thus not eligible for validation (which is also why it doesn’t show up in the data API).

tl;dr: works as expected, just not showing up in the API because the submission had too low value.

thanks for the reply

another question, how can we know the bid floor?

is it a fixed value or dynamic?

if dynamic, is there a way for us to query this?

it’s dynamic – it’s the lowest non-cancellable bid.

you cannot query it, but you can see that your submission is below the bid floor if you receive a 202 response status code.