Relay Data API - Transaction Data Availability

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I am interested in understanding the distribution of exclusive order flow vs. open/public orderflow in payloads delivered through mev-boost. I believe one way to realize this can be by comparing the transaction payload of the delivered block with the other submitted blocks for the same slot.

Currently, the relay data api does not provide much info regarding the transaction payload of the blocks submitted. Hence, it is not possible to make a comparison against the delivered payload’s transactions.

"slot": "4849684",
"parent_hash": "0x2a155e654fb296043cb1ca625b432fe3345dc52a52cb03daa337a8025e32311b",
"block_hash": "0x3f3ae99712c34b3e8a902c2fe52a4407b6adae6787e3e90bc589525b558fe62c",
"builder_pubkey": "0xa30251c8d20aaae33c6dc49486ee4e14dbed562a745154202e4133e490bce0fe0ca7c687d9609ae0c390968039a5d5b8",
"proposer_pubkey": "0xb1cb00a0fc69a14c12b8651aa9829712ad2e667cedde6aa5c1c7d5bc8ed37abb614edc4af95984dd7828ef1c0614adb5",
"proposer_fee_recipient": "0xffee087852cb4898e6c3532e776e68bc68b1143b",
"gas_limit": "30000000",
"gas_used": "29663774",
"value": "52619516494210960",
"num_tx": "403",
"block_number": "15685826",
"timestamp": "1665020233",
"timestamp_ms": "1665020233631"

I’m wondering whether the data api can disclose the transaction payload info after a certain time elapses (e.g., X number of slots). I’m aware that there will be special conditions like bundles, private transactions, or Flashbots Protect transactions where transaction data cannot be simply disclosed after a slot (i.e., because the transaction may get included in a winning block in the future). Nevertheless, I’m curious whether at least a subset of txs (e.g., public mempool txs) can be published. Or, is there any other way one can do an order flow distribution analysis for a given block?

You can achieve this by comparing on-chain data with something like Blocknative’s mempool archive. Or you can log mempool data on your own node and do a comparison for subsequent blocks. Adding extra scope to data api for public data seems like a larger lift

For order flow distribution analysis, doing a comparison with mempool data is my plan for now. I still think understanding how transaction payload changes over time in the blocks submitted to relays (i.e., bids of builders) can be insightful regarding timing games discussion.

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Definitely. Would be interested in any findings you can follow up with on this thread