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This is a must-read for anybody trying to understand economy:

once the global system of credit money was entirely unpegged from gold, the world entered a new financial history – one that nobody completely understands.

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We stand together today because we care.

We care for one another – those others with whom we now stand. We care for those we represent, who cannot stand with us – whether that’s because they face racist policing; because they can’t afford to travel; because they must care for others closer to home; or because they are part of the wider family of animals with which we share our home, and which cannot speak for themselves.

This government doesn’t care. Indeed, it stands against all who care. It doesn’t care that the animals and plants we love are being driven to extinction, that workers are exploited, or that people can’t afford to both heat their homes and eat.

We stand together today because we care.

If you care too, then add your voice to ours.

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International Network of Engaged Buddhists

Five propositions to decolonise the unconscious

(Creative adaptation by Vanessa Andreotti and Dani d’Emilia, from a text by Suely Rolnik)

  1. Activate the vital compass: re-activate the body as a knowing entity that receives and experiences the world as continuous with itself in its living condition, and that is affected by the forces of the world in an unmediated way.

  2. Remove the blockages to the difficult experience of making what is strange seem familiar and making what is familiar seem strange in order to register world-interpolations that are always already happening anyway.

  3. Do not interpret the resulting vulnerability and its discomfort as a bad thing and do not project fantastic interpretations onto this state of instability. These interpretations usually come from premature responses of a threatened ego, provoked by its helplessness, failures and fears of demotion, rejection, social exclusion and humiliation.

  4. Allow what is agonising within you to die without trying to rescue the old state and its sensation of coherence and stability – remember that the vital force needs this space that is being cleared by the death of the old in order to emerge. Stay in this state of uncomfortable instability until the creative imagination can articulate the contours of the new entity that is gestating as a result of the registered encounter with the world. Do not impose limits on the time that the creative imagination needs to support the gestation of the new entity. Do not turn the creative imagination into ‘creativity’ ready for consumption and reproduction of the status quo.

  5. Hold on to the life-affirming yearning that keeps life open to being ‘fertilised’ by the world and its difference and endless differentiation. Do not negotiate with what obstructs the possibility of life regenerating itself. Calibrate thinking towards its best behaviour: to reimagine its image of the world every time that life demands it to do so.

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