Rebranding Flashbots!

Here in our ship we try to make Fridays special. Unwind, no meetings, be curious, learn, play, explore.

We have failed miserably at this :upside_down_face: Understandably, too. I don’t know if you heard, but the most momentous event on the young life of decentralized technologies happened a few days ago!

And we are still here!!! :pray: We worked a lot over the past year. These days we have appreciated each other, celebrated, fixed bugs, strategized, and today we can play a little.

One of the funniest moments of my time here was when somebody in a meeting was talking about rebranding, and the side chat immediately filled with wrong answers for the new name. @taarushv won that day, by suggesting to make a twitter poll to decide.

So, why not? Let’s do this.

The rules

  • Leave a comment in here with your proposal.
  • The name must be a compound of two words, plus two emojis. Like this: Flash+bots :zap: :robot:, right?
  • The config of this site might not let you post just the name, so be creative with your extra characters for bonus points. You could add a logo generated by one of those scary AI art bots, or a motto, or an anthem, or the name of our new CEO…
  • The winner will be the post with more likes in this thread.
  • Keep it nice.

Legal disclaimer: this is a non-binding exercise we are not forced to adopt any of the proposed names no matter how many likes you got there is no prize for the winner

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lol @ the legal disclaimer :smile:


This has been my favorite of all times:

Flashcorns :flashlight: :unicorn:




obvious branding follows!

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+1 for the math. -1 for the missing emojis :smile:

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3evLabs :crown::sunglasses: