[Re]distribution study circle, session 5, November 2023: other sciences

There are many ways to know our world, many sciences, many ways of being, existing and relating. We will form a circle to talk about these other sciences.

Now our collective sense making is captured by one particular way of being, and everything is measured against it. This rational stable academic utilitarian science serves whiteness, capitalism, violence and separation.

It is also cracking, because it cannot meet its aspirations to explain the world. The world is weirder, magical, non-linear, it escapes capture. How can we be the scientists of these cracks?

Date: 2023-11-29T15:30:00Z2023-11-29T17:00:00Z
Location: gather.town




  • Breathe, slow down, set intentions
  • Circle of introductions: what is your myth?
  • Brief summary and discussion of suggested readings
  • Break out in small circles to talk about sensoria, whiteness and syncopation
    • The systems of intelligibility leaves us incarcerated within the worlds we are trying to emancipate from. I don’t know what the solution is, I am suspicious of my intelligence. I don’t know how to ask the right questions most of the time, and I am sure we are all going through it together. It’s hard to live through this, it’s difficult, it’s cosmic, it’s molecular, it’s more than human. And sometimes the only to respond is to just cry together, to move from side to side, to hum, to laugh, to feel, to hold, to embrace and to not know together.
    • You ought to apologize for your privilege, says politics, a metaphysics of dots. Liberalism. We are autonomous discrete entities. We are dots. Reduce everything to those dots. Reduce accountability to individuality. Categorize it, archive it. measure it. The world is too unwieldy to resolve into into the grammatical affixations to ownership.
    • We don’t know.
    • The rove beetle discovered in Australia in november. Grows a termite puppet on its back to fool real termites into feeding it. If I sprouted a white man in my back it would be easier to go through airports. What does authenticity mean to this duplicitous trickster. Authenticity is a modern value. The world is participating constantly in new rituals of sacred inauthenticity.
    • I don’t have a seat at your table, I don’t have access, but there are ways that I am alive in the world, and my people have been alive in the world that may not constitute privilege, it’s a different exploration. They know how to sing, how to be sung to, how to dance with ancestal voices, how to listen to plants, how to heal each other.
    • Whiteness is how white people are made. White people are manufactured, not born. The moment you reduce whiteness to people, you are doing exactly what whiteness would have you do. We are speaking about world-engineering paradigms.
    • Rather than reform or inclusion, it allows for radical hybridity and boundary transgression. This break from continuity engenders new relational ties, unexpected solidarities, lines of flight. It opens possibilities for posthuman embodiment and subjectivity outside the grammar of Man. The promise is not rational progress or resolution, but unpredictable becomings.
  • Invitation to other readings and next session
  • Closing circle

Suggested readings

(Please add suggestions)


What is your myth?

  • Giving food, community, born again, common for people raised in communism. It’s a backlash in the other direction, staying on the myth that was forbidden. Learn and be open. There are common threads to quantify and communicate spiritual experiences. They are universal, people project them in different ways. Learned about islam. Very demonized and poorly understood, specially after 9/11. What gets lost in translation? Two sides of the same coin.
    pandas, spiffy, two-sided-coin
  • Salvation army with a complicated history, not sure how much want to be associated with this. Human beings where created in 7 days by god. The humans are the keepers for everything else. No drinking, no dancing, live of service. Then go to the other direction, indulgence, comfort in the temporariness of things. Hoarding worldly goods is unnecessary comfort.
    everything-nothing, hedonism, anicha
  • Comparative religious discussions. We are a way for the universe to know itself.
    peaceful, oneness, rest, Sagan
  • Didn’t have a particular myth growing up. Go to church two times a year. Symbolic christianity. An interpretation of quantum mechanics. Brainwashed into economics, a set of assumptions disguised in science.
    pilot wave, bells, brainwashed, assumptions, bing bong
  • Foundational stories. I like the most come from history, cats, meow, cats, agriculture
  • Practicing catholic and fervent atheist. Emergency baptism. Value truth a lot. Attach oneself to truth can be not that great. Alterego for transformation epistemology. Science has a arrogant take to the world and truth. Why is astrology not true? The lack of an explanatory mechanism. Scientific method is bullshit, the way to discover objective reality has no method.
    scientific, transmutation, intergalactic, rage-against-method
  • Atheistic family, defaulting to it. Curiosity, not from the mystical stand point, but from direct implications on the day to day.
    society, curious, god, influence, curious, elevated, slihgtly different.

The structure of scientific revolutions

Psycrypto research: Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness Contest: Psychedelic Cryptography (Innovate)

“As with the submission that got the 1st prize, the same judges estimated 150μg and 100μg of LSD, respectively, as the threshold needed to easily decode the secret messages in this piece.”

No method

Quantify the amount of disruption based on the grandparenting relation of papers. It’s more likely to be disruptive if it doesn’t cite the lineage.
Not dismissing science, nor objective reality. There is no method to science, non of that is true.
Galileo was propaganda. Nonreproducibility, scientific bias. Is math a science? is computer science a science?
Esoterica. Conservative and liberal society, having a structure, metrics, academics preserve the current structure. Doesn’t leave space for disruption.
Connection to politics. The begining of infinity. On liberty. How you need to explain things, that is humanity.
Democracy is good because you experiment. Totalitarianism doesn’t allow for change.
Optimistic view: when someone claims something revolutionary, a lot of people will want to hear even if it’s crazy. There’s a car propelled by garbage in Argentina.

When we cease to understand the world

Fictionalist histories of quantum physicist. Link between eccentricity or madness and be able to see things differently, then revolutionize science.

Economy as the worst science. Plug psychology as a close second re: replicability crisis and flexible/questionable methodology throughout its history.

Past session: October 24, 2023