[Re]distribution study circle, session 2, july 2023: premises of capitalistic Ethereum

Next session: August 22, 2023

During EthCC in Paris we will host a redistribution salon at the Flashbots pirate ship. It will be our first in-person redistribution circle.

Date: 2023-07-16T16:00:00Z2023-07-16T19:00:00Z
Registration: [Philosophy] redistribution.salon - MEV Week Paris · Luma

The redistribution salon will be an intimate discussion on the social and philosophical elements of economic fairness on Ethereum. When we consider economic proposals for Ethereum and the future of MEV, what goals are we trying to achieve and what world can we create?

​The discussion will be non-technical and will consider a high level of context for participants. For those hoping for a technical discussion of proposals of MEV redistribution mechanism implementations, Flashbots is hosting other salons this week on PBS and order flow sharing, which will be more implementation-grounded. For those that have not been participating in the Redistribution Study Circle or completed the reading thus far, we strongly encourage those who choose to attend to have read the materials to be able to speak about them.


@chayoterabit and @sarah.allen

Suggested readings:


  • ​Talks: a broader definition of MEV and why to redistribute (Leonardo Arias) and governance as a tool (Sarah Allen)
  • Open the circle
  • ​Exercise:
    • Introduce the VIMBASI framework
    • Present 6 prompts about capitalism and Ethereum
  • Close the circle



We reused our slides from our presentation at funding the commons:

Hospicing modernity

We printed an extract of the book Hospicing modernity and gave it to the attendees.

TextoHM_.pdf (1.7 MB)

Commitment to the circle

We paused for a moment. Explained the exercise we were about to share, and invited people to stay if they were open and could commit to it, or retire if they were expecting something different.

Opening circle

We tried to form a circle. Because the circle was big, we made smaller circles of 3 people, where everybody introduced themselves and received a gift of one word from the other 2.

Then we opened up the greater circle, everyone of us saying our name and one word.


A framework for identifying how the information is received. Presented in the book Post capitalist philanthropy.

The prompt is to not stay in the M, pay attention to the body and mind to observe other responses that we usually ignore.

V: vibrations
I: images and thoughts
M: meanings, judgements, stories and explanations
B: behaviors, movements, actions, impulses, and urges
A: affect and emotions
S: sensations
I: imaginings, generative ideas

6 prompts

Adapted to the Ethereum context. The original 7 prompts can be found in the book Post capitalist philanthropy.

  • ​Metacrisis is the logical outcome of our existing operating system
  • ​Ethereum’s economic model requires perpetual growth and is therefore self-terminating
  • ​Ethereum requires and can create the same hostile structures as the financial and organizational systems of the past. These include domination and colonialism
  • ​Ethereum economics ensure the supremacy of its early users
  • ​We are all complicit in the system and are forced into contradicting our values.
  • ​Our task is to identify and dismantle the ways Ethereum tends toward the trends of previous systems that further oppression

We presented one prompt, and then got to a dialogue with our small circle reflecting on our responses, trying to pay attention to the vimbasi framework. After a few minutes we opened to the greater circle to listen to anything relevant that the others wanted to share. A collective breathe, and proceed to the next prompt.

Closing circle

We closed the circle giving one word as a gift to Ethereum.

Past session: June 20, 2023


My favorite event from EthCC week.