[Re]distribution study circle, session 0, may 2023: who are we?

Next session: June 20, 2023

Sharing circle to start building trust in each other, see all the skills, knowledge and experiences that are part of the club and see the ones that are not in it, so we can call more friends to join and help with the gaps.

Date: 2023-05-16T09:00:00Z2023-05-16T16:30:00Z
Location: Flashbots Jitsi (comming soon)


  • Breathe, slow down, set intentions
  • Circle of introductions: who we are and what calls us to this workstream
  • Brief summary and discussion of suggested readings
  • Introduction to Maximal Extractable Value (MEV), discuss how to map it to power asymmetries in the dominant economy
  • Define a topic for session 2
  • Closing circle

Suggested reading:

Join the Hypothes.is group to share and discuss annotations in the [Re]distribution study circle

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More information about this club: [Re]distribution study circle



We started slowing down, being conscious of our breath, doing a mindful practice while the others joined. In, out. Deep, slow. Calm, ease. Smile, release.


While breathing, we did an aesthetic turn listening to a poem by Mahmoud Darwish, suggested in the book Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown.

It is possible…
It is possible at least sometimes…
It is possible especially now
To ride a horse
Inside a prison cell
And run away…

It is possible for prison walls
To disappear,
For the cell to become a distant land
Without frontiers:

What did you do with the walls?
I gave them back to the rocks.
And what did you do with the ceiling?
I turned it into a saddle.
And your chain?
I turned it into a pencil.

The prison guard got angry.
He put an end to my dialogue.
He said he didn’t care for poetry,
And bolted the door of my cell.

He came back to see me
In the morning,
He shouted at me:

Where did all this water come from?
I brought it from the Nile.
And the trees?
From the orchards of Damascus.
And the music?
From my heartbeat.

The prison guard got mad;
He put an end to my dialogue.
He said he didn’t like my poetry,
And bolted the door of my cell.

But he returned in the evening:
Where did this moon come from?
From the nights of Baghdad.
And the wine?
From the vineyards of Algiers.
And this freedom?
From the chain you tied me with last night.

The prison guard grew so sad…
He begged me to give him back
His freedom.


We did a circle of introductions. After every introduction, we shared a word (more or less) with the human we got to know. We are using these words as a light anonymization layer.

  • ASMR, cozy, mountain, welcome, soothing, intriguing, gentle, curiousity, yes, natural,
  • philosopher, appreciation of the thoughtfulness, ethical accelerationism, mission driven, wow, collapse, seeking, insightful, hearing the boat creaking was also nice
  • sustainable, wassup, mindful, learn, we’re bad rule followers, thus the whole working in crypto thing, collective, where the fund goes is where the future goes, public-goods, future
  • we are !@%^, !@%^ is us all, !@%^ sybil, community king, real !@%^, tall, dope, duplicated, community, heart
  • will the real !@%^e please stand up, rome, hype, haha oooo the big reveal!, lol :heart:,
    !@%^2, Hola, wrong answer, guess again, :smile:, anonymize us by calling us all !@%^,
    mysterious, i think we need more !@%^s, anon, anarchist, friend, :clap:
  • hope, inspo, coop, support, Intentional, co-op lol, motivated, genuine, tacos,
  • engaged, caring, !@%^, amazing, awesome, attentive, !@%^,
  • wooo &()_, circle time, big fan of &(), big &( fan, local girl dad, Very !@%^ thing to be a fan of &()
  • not sure which !@%^ this is but yes we all are, !@%^ consensus, curious, productive, we have achieved consensus, Legend, long-term, diversity, practical public goods
  • who dis, we are !@%^, ahh, another !@%^, eeeeee brg doxxed by voice, funny, still not sure who haha, am just a big rando gal, capitalism
  • :wave:, kind, curious, passionated, improve lives, Passionate, ethical
  • welcome!, desci, research
  • art, create, convergence, æ^ç!, creative, Synergy, æ^ç, fuzzy, æ^ç = Flashbots mascot, æ^ç for redistribution
  • big fan of ¯°, no-sleep, wazzupp, initiative, giving, !@%^, intuitive, genuine, humble, smart, kind, generous, arigathanks
  • deregulate, mannn, structured, printer
  • łúüö, hahahhaa KNEW IT, JD, !@%^ pluralism, big troll guy, Hugs, friendly, funny, humble, TROLL, trolling, loud, big łúüö, strong, like ox, stronk, australian AF, shrimp on da barbe

Reading discussion

¡ºª¢ listened to the podcast about the corn.

  • Relation of nature and man.
  • People can become disconnected.
  • ¡ºª¢ recommends to listen to the story.
  • Potatoes are a big crop in Ireland, there’s a big story there.
  • What these crops mean for local communities. Impact of water.
  • Take care of each other, nature and man.
  • Work together.
  • Maize will take care of the people, people will take care of the maize.
  • Tradition.
  • Genetically, your DNA is intertwined with the crops raised by your ancestors.
  • Grown for 9 thousand years. It can’t live without humans. Humans can’t live without corn.
  • !@%^ listened to the article while taking a walk, thought it was beautiful.
  • homemade tortillas FTW.
  • unlearn / relearn

äåãø˛đ was writing and highlighting all over the artifacts and politics article.

  • Can you separate tech and politics? No.
  • Intended consequences.
  • Robert Moses building highways was making sure that the bridges are small, so buses cannot pass, a racist prejudice.
  • Unintentionally, large scale technological decisions have generational implications.
  • Neutral is a silly notion.
  • Diversity of thought.
  • Got to Zuzalu, what we take into account when making the decisions.
  • 1 hour reading, äåãø˛đ suggested it to everybody.
  • Anything we create has consequences.

á`ߡñ read about Wetiko.

  • memes, shape the way we interact with each other.
  • Wetiko is the cannibalistic urge to harm others.
  • Core cultural thing that advances capitalism. Overspend the natural world around us.
  • Post capitalist. Post wetiko world. Not as exploitive to others.
  • How we model the incentives of the systems we are building.
  • if capitalism accelerates technological advancements, would blockchain exist without capitalism?
  • its the current configuration of capitalism that is bad, we need to teach capitalism to allocate capital more effectively
  • in singapore we go for pragmatism - its the outcomes that we optimise for we’re very capitalistic in certain industries but also very socialist in others
  • I share that general feeling- feels dishonest criticize the whole system from a home that I can comfortably afford through a job I enjoy. Rather for me it’s about how the system could be tweaked to put more people in this position.
  • Positive experience with capitalism.
  • Inmigrants with problems running water come to United States, give opportunities to the new generation. The only things that separates is those opportunities to move the social ladder.
  • Create value, distribute that value. One of the reasons to get the government to have a better regulatory environment. People would go off-shore to do those things.
  • Two much of a binary? Is it good or bad?
  • Haven’t found anything better.
  • During the pandemic, polarization. Be very mindful of the language. Not being an absolutionist.
  • Fuck capitalism, but it’s given us all the opportunities so we can be in this call.
  • My hands are clean from capitalism because somebody else did the dirty work. That’s intellectually dis-honest.
  • I love capitalism. That’s a thought that would get you cancelled.
  • The current structure is bad. It’s not doing as good job as it can. We can make capitalism smarter.
  • Large parts of blockchain are capitalistic.
  • Acting selfishly, the MEV searcher market is purely capitalistic.
  • The trust assumptions are fundamental, the repeated game have know parties that are not maximizing.
  • Is it getting out of the capitalist extractive structure?
  • It’s sometimes about the role you are playing over time.
  • Something in there are things you can tweak. Can be made pro-social.
  • we should explore capitalism more

&*()_ shared about the origins of the MEV meme.

  • It’s difficult to solve problems without taking the time to analize it.
  • From a dex: what is the value that is escaping.
  • You rarely can solve the problems on your own.
  • Open the conversation up.
  • Funding principles is to discuss what is happening on-chain.
  • Synergies leaking to somebody else. Is that right?
  • Do you know it’s happening? Can you control it?
  • If we can control it, there’s a better use of it.
  • Should we distribute it instead of blocking it? Should be illegal. Or eliminated through a mechanism.
  • Relate it back to real world examples of what’s happening.
  • You lose perspective. In a grocery store, when you interact in person you can notice price inequalities. A limited supply. Somebody jumping the line. It’s easy to address that.
  • When you are on-chain, it’s hard to observe it. Democratize is very capitalistic. Their are very rational actions that lead to higher utility.


Closing circle

We shared one word to close.

grateful, thankful, hopeful, curious, excited, optimistic, inspired, motivated, nostalgic, inquisitive


Should we record the sessions?

Here is a crazy idea, what if we don’t? :scream: Maybe we can be very conscious on preparing for the session, starting discussions here and sharing everything we find, think and feel about the topic. Then during the session we can have a collective pad that summarizes what happened.

@Fred, @sarah.allen, can you please own one of the readings? Read it before the session, and then share a brief summary of your impressions with us. Is there one in the list that calls your attention? Or would you like to bring a new one?

@McNut would you like to join us and take care of presenting an introduction to MEV?

I would like to join this study group @chayoterabit


Welcome @Francine!
Do you want to read one of the suggested readings and share a little about it with the group?

Happy to jam on it with yall.

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@chayoterabit Sure, would love to. I’ll read the Corn Tastes Better story and will share with the group.

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would like to join this study group as well! :slight_smile:

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Welcome @thryec. I’ll send you the invite.

Is there any of the readings calling you to read in preparation for the call?

Plz invite

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Will be preparing the Seeing Wetiko reading for today’s session :slight_smile:

We are starting now. If we left anybody lost, please reply here and I will send you the link to the meeting space :slight_smile:

I was interested in attending. Is there a jitsi link?

It took me a while to collect the notes and action items from session 0. Here it is :slight_smile:

To decide the topic to focus in future sessions I’ve opened a queue: Queue of suggested topics for the [Re]distribution study circle [add yours]

To share between sessions we will be trying hypothes.is annotations: Join the Hypothes.is group to share and discuss annotations in the [Re]distribution study circle

There is still the open question of opening a chat. I would like this study circle to cross-pollinate between forums before opening a new independent space. I suggest opening spaces in the gitcoin, optimism and clr forums, and see where this takes us. However, I don’t want to control any of this, and I’m open to have a chat. What are your thoughts?

Thanks a lot to the participants of session 0. It was lovely, I had a lot of fun. Now let’s prepare for session 1.

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Hello! I will add you to the invite of the following session. Welcome :slight_smile:

May I be able to join the group as well? Thanks!