Public list of builders connected to Flashbots Relay?

Broadly, I want to get a sense of the actors upstream - builders and searchers, for example.

I know Flashbots is allowing any builder to connect to their relay - is it a fair assumption that all of the major relays - bloXroute, Blocknative, Eden, Manifold, etc - have builders connected to Flashbots relay?

I am just wondering if there is a public list maintained anywhere of builders connected to FB relay. My assumption is that, at best, there is a list of addresses.

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I guess you can look at for finding out the builders who have already successfully built a block (and which relay they used), but I think its only showing the top block builders for now. To get a better overview of all builders who submitted a block to the Flashbots relay, you can use the BuilderBlocksReceived endpoint of the relay api.