Pre-merge Data for Analysis

Hello, we are working on an analysis where we needed mev data in the bull run. We were considering a period between late 2021 and early 2022.

So far, we were able to query the following data :
a) Extracted MEV derived from the amount paid to miners in coinbase_transfers from the flashbots API
b) Priority fees derived as Block Rewards less 2 ETH from etherscan API

Since this is pre-merge data, wanted some help to understand what would be the right values to consider if we are trying to get the value of MEV paid to block proposers, would it be:

  1. Extracted MEV plus priority fees or
  2. Just extracted MEV

Our understanding is that pre-merge, MEV could also be paid as gas. Any guidance or information would be greatly appreciated.

For pre-merge MEV, you can use miner balance difference - static block reward - burnt fees - mining pool payout.

You can see some more details in this post Modelling Realised Extractable Value in Proof of Stake Ethereum, which is based on pre-merge eth paid to miners.