Post Request to Sepolia Testnet fails when trying to simulate the bundled transaction using flashbotsProvider.simulate()

I was practicing sending bundles on "“” which is sepolia testnet. However, everything I do worked fined, bundles were signed properly and transactions seemed right until I try to simulate it, when it throws error whose response is always Internal server error. I am unsure of what is the solution for this error. So it would be great if someone can guide me on the right path to resolve this error and successfully simulate my bundles on the sepolia testnet. Any related information will be helpful. here are few details of error when I try to run simulator provided by flashbots. Any help would be appreciated.
body: ‘{“error”:“Internal Server Error”}’,
requestMethod: ‘POST’,
url: ‘

It seems like specific issue with sepolia network as I can not even send private transaction on it as well. Any help is very appreciated.