Please help me to get all relay URLs

Dear world!
Thanks for reading my question. :slight_smile:

After jump into the MEV world, I feel so crazy because sometimes the transaction is confirmed in the target block, and sometimes it does not appear.
I searched and find that not all blocks are not mined by MEV builders. But even the block is mined by the MEV builder, my transaction is not confirmed in the block.
So, I researched again and find the reason.
It is because there are several types of MEV builders and they are using different relays. I mean I should submit my bundle which is contained my transactions to the several relays.

After this, I found several relays.

These are what I found. (Actually I found three but seems like I can write only 2 links here because I am a newbee. lol)
Well, I know that these are not all relays which are exists in the world.
I would like to someone help me to get all relays.
Thanks and kind regards. :slight_smile:

You can find more relays and builders on

Well @metachris.
I think you URL you gave me is for the validators. I need the relay URLs which I can send my transactions so that I can make private transactions.
I would like you can help me in this way also. :slight_smile:

You mean something like Ethereum Mainnet RPC and Chain settings | Chainlist ?

Well, something like this.
I can see the flash relays URLs, but I am not sure if I can find all the URLs on here.
Could you please help me find all the relay URLs @metachris ?

I did what I could to help you find all the relay URLs. Good luck on finding what you need :+1:

Haha, okay. Anyway, thanks for your help @metachris .