In the long arc of history I think that funding alternative economic and political models is urgent too. And so as an alternative to the above I would consider a gift to Palladium , a non-profit which does excellent work on the future of governance. This, of course, lacks the direct humanism of giving to people in need of food today. But it is an investment in solving the political conditions that lead to things like hunger crises in the future. And perhaps it also figures out more thorny questions of redistribution, which are somewhere in its mandate.


@bert I’ve been exploring the magazine to better understand this future of governance you suggested. Do you have any favorite articles you think I would enjoy?

I’ve been looking in particular to pareto elites and private economic zones, which still sound very foreign to me, and which is why I wanted us to fund a case study of surf city in El Salvador, bitcoin jungle in Costa Rica, and prospera in Honduras.