Opening Builder/Relay Data

Calling Searchers and Researchers: should Flashbots open our Builder/Relay data?

We’ve historically had several researchers reaching out to us asking for our non-public data, which we have chosen not to share in order to protect searchers’ privacy. Considering however our efforts for transparency, this is something we want to reconsider, so we are asking the community to weigh in.

Presumably, if a strategy hasn’t landed on chain for an extended (3 months?) period of time, it’s either not profitable or it’s attempting to game the auction. Either way, it wouldn’t hurt to make it public.

Searchers and Researchers, we’re hearing you out: should we make our internal data public after a certain period? Why? Why not? What should this period be?

Looking forward to your input, thanks!


As a researcher, it would be really nice to have all relay bids in some format. There is a lot we can learn about centralization tendencies from bids. I don’t think we necessarily need to see the blocks themselves but the proposer payments on each of the submissions would be super interesting.