"Not connected to Ethereum network" error

I’m not used to use https://protect.flashbots.net?bundle=<YOUR_BUNDLE_ID> as a valid RPC, my wallet send me the error described in the title, is this maybe a <> problem ? Can someone point me to what I’m missing ?

If I don’t disable the primary chain, will it send my funds right away and not to the relay chain, if I do disable it, light turns red and connecting and it shows the error.

For metamask only the regular RPC endppoint https://rpc.flashbots.net will work.

Thanks a lot. I’m not rigid about metamask, I’m just exactly trying what’s explained on the Flashbot site itself. So how can I build my bundles ? That’s what I need to do.
I found the explainations very comprehensible, yet I won’t find a better convinient way to do it, than building a bundle through my wallet, setting step by step, site after site, what I need my bundle to achieve in order, for the bundle to be valid and send it for execution.
Are you proposing using something like : https://rpc.flashbots.net?bundle=<YOUR_BUNDLE_ID> ?

It seems to work with that rpc, but the GET request send me 404 error page, so I don’t know if it’s of any help.
Apparently, I also had to get rid of the <> for it to be accurate.

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https://protect.flashbots.net is not what you want to be using either way.

You can find more information in the docs at http://docs.flashbots.net/

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I wanted to thank you for the precise and concise answer you’re giving me.
It may be that I don’t understand what I can or cannot do using the resources in this forum. What I’d wanted to do is, what I understand when I read this exact bundle cache API | Flashbots Docs page or so I think I understand cause it exactly stands 100% contradicting what you keep on telling me.
I may appear a bit stubborn right now, so please accept my apologies for that, I will ask my question once again, (or so I think, I’m repeating myself, but I maybe not, and it might simply means, what I try to do isn’t possible), is it possible to set a bundle remotely, by signing one transaction after one another, simply using Metamask or any other injector ?
if yes, what is the procedure in order to achieve that ?
if not, what is then explained on the page bundle cache API | Flashbots Docs , that I mix with what I’d want to do but is in fact not ?
Thanks for your much valuable time.
There are potentially hundreds of people in my situation, in my community, or unfortunately will be one day at one point. And further though then trying to help myself, I could surely provide that intelligence to my kin as well and allow them to extract value left in their comp. wallets and transform rekt into lesser rekt.
Much respect.